Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

And for a comparison picture!! Here is Jacie at 4 months old and her at 17 months old standing in front of the same sign
...she wanted nothing to do with this sign so this is the best we got

Saturday, October 29, 2011

17 months old

She learned lots of new things this month!!

choo choo (train)
buzz (uzzz) for bee
ssssss (snake)
quack quack (ack ack) for duck
hoo hoo for owl
when asked what a fish says she squeezes her cheeks together and makes the smacking noise
neigh (neeeeee) horse
no (nooooooooooooo)
eww ( whenever she finds trash on the ground)
ah choo (pretend sneezes) or after she really sneezes she will "ah choo"
burr (rrrrr) when she touches something cold
moon (mooo) and points to the sky

Body parts she can/has named: eye, ear and mouth. Although she can point to eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, ears, chin, hair, tummy, belly button, feet, and toes.

So in all she knows around 15 animals sounds, uses about 15-20 words consistently and knows a handful of sounds for other objects (vmmm =car, choo choo=train, etc)

Loves the wheels on the bus- knows the motions for the wheels, swippers, doors, windows, seat belts, babies, and mamas.

Interacts while watching Dora so much. When Dora/ Boots or Backpack ask a questions she responds "no", even if she is wrong it is still very cute to listen to. She claps and stomps if Dora tells her too, she reaches up to catch stars when told to and she puts her hand out when Swiper comes out like they do when they say "Swiper no swipping", if they sing a song she knows she will do the motions and she LOVES to dance when they dance!

Her dancing now consists of head banging and twirling! She get dizzy right away and usually loses her balance but she thinks its hilarious

She is a little daredevil. She loves to play rough and fall off things on purpose. I don't know where she got it from.

Will line up her bath animals on the rim of the tub then knock them all off.

Can climb up her slide and started going down on her belly

After this month we officially have to say we have a 1 1/2 year old!!! UGHHHHH Why is time going by so fast!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dinner time talk

This is what we did at dinner time tonight! We sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider and said some of the animal sounds she knows =)

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Jacie has been doing "shhhh" for a while now but lately she has been doing it a lot! It's super adorable when she does it because she has been saying "shhhhh" whenever she sees anything asleep or anything that pretends to be asleep. Today as we were out and about she did it to baby jesus on a Christmas ornament and then we went down the diaper aisle at Target and she went "shhh" overload at all the sleeping babies on the boxes. Just thought I would share the cuteness =)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello October

My favorite time of year has finally arrived!!!

Jacie can wear her Halloween Dora shirt =)

Dada love

Mama love