Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rice Cereal

Tonight was a success. Not sure exactly how much made it to her tummy since most of it was spit out but she seems to enjoy it and was getting the hang of it. The doctor said that babies have a tongue reflex that makes them stick it out when something goes in it so it is pretty difficult getting the food to stay inside her mouth as you can tell in the pictures =) So here are the first pictures of Jacie's first real food... sitting in the bumbo, eating from a spoon and all!!!

4 Months!!!

Holy cow...is my baby really already 4 months old?!? Where does the time go? Seems like yesterday we were bringing home a tiny 5lb baby and now we have a 13lb baby who has the best little personality ever!! We took her today for her 4 month baby well check up. She got to see a new doctor since her pedi is out on maternity leave. She said Jacie looked great and has absolutely no concerns whatever and that Jacie isn't at all acting like she was 5 weeks early but is just like any other 4 month old. In her weight she is in the 50th percentile and head and length in the 25th. Let me remind you that Jacie was less than 5% in length and not even on the chart for head and weight when she was born. So she is chunking up and growing just great!!! She showed off her tummy time abilities and the doctor was really impressed on how she was doing. She is soooo close to rolling over now! About the possible teething...they are gum cysts. The doctor said they are completely normal and normally appear before the teeth arrive but there are no sings of teeth. Now to a first time mom who has never dealt with teething they definitely looked like teeth to me but now we know for sure. We got the all clear to start her on foods!! We are going to start with rice cereal tonight then move on to stage 1 foods in a week or so. I am so excited to try it for the first time tonight!! Picture to come for that =) I think I said everything that happened. OH MY...how could I forget!! SHOTS!!! She got the same shots she received at her 2 month appointment. She did pretty good. Screamed like crazy and it took her a little bit to calm down but she is a trooper. We don't go back again until 6 months in November. She will be receiving another rounds of shots including her flu shot!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cleaning out the closet and dresser

Once again I had to clean out Jacie's closet and dresser. I knew she was in the last few weeks of some of her clothes but didn't actually realize how many no longer fit. I swear the girl grows over night some times.

Today we spent a lot of time of her tummy. I know going by her adjusted age she is technically a 2 month old still (almost 3) but most 4 month old babies are using their arms to keep them up on their bellies and rolling over so we just gotta practice practice practice so she can catch up! She is actually doing really awesome these last few days on her arms and actually not hating being on her tummy and can handle a few minutes before she starts her whining and then finishing with her full blown cries.

***update from Sunday- We did tummy time and being on the floor started my dog being all hyper and wanting to play so I started playing with her and to my surprise Jacie was lifting her head all the way up and laughing and giggling the whole time!!!! I believe I have found the secret weapon to tummy time! We spent about 30 minutes going from tummy and practicing rolling and there are no tears AT ALL!!! It was awesome

For a few weeks she started with the drooling, blowing bubbles and keeping her hands in her mouth. It has only gotten worse now and there are days the whole front of her shirt can get soaked in a matter of just minutes. Everyone has thought, could she possibly be teething? Well, the internet says although babies can start at 3 months the average is about 6 months. Well, I am actually feeling teeth when I rub my finger across the bottom gums! How crazy is that?? I guess we will find out for sure on Tuesday at her baby well check up.

Here are a few pictures of our growing girl

Practicing tummy time

Chewing on Sophie the giraffe

Monday, September 20, 2010


Alright, I know this is my 3rd post today but that is what happens when you take a sick day and have nothing else to do and baby is sleeping. I just spent a good hour looking at and reading ALL my posts that I have written. It's crazy that its almost been a year since I started this and just to see how much has changed. I have a favorite post that just cracks me up...if only I knew what would have happened within that month of writing it. There I was sitting on the couch writing that post at 6 month pregnant thinking everything was perfect because at that point every was and I quote, "Hopefully the next months will go smoothly and my blood pressure stays under control so I don't have to see her (as in my doctor) anymore than normal." BABAHAHAHAHA...okay I just had to laugh!

On a side note...I can't wait until Jacie's appointment next Tuesday so we know how much bigger she has gotten. My guess is a lot! She is a bit of a chunky monkey now =)

Patty Cake=happy baby

Future gerber baby?

During my medicine run to Target today a women stopped me and went on and on about how Jacie is the cutest baby she has seen and that I need to get her into modeling! She gave me a name of an agency in Dallas and told me that there is no doubt that Jacie would be chosen for the agency. That we could have her college paid for and so on and so on. I do agree that Jacie is adorable but a model? I just don't know. She even added that Jacie was gerber baby cute =) Too bad I can't take any credit for Jacie's cuteness considering she still doesn't look anything like me.

Here is a super cute picture of our gerber baby =)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting big and losing my marbles!

These past weeks her clothes have become a bit snugger or actually fitting depending on the outfit she is wearing. I actually have been getting some 3-6 month outfits in preparation for the big switch!! It is always so crazy to see things fit her that once were soooo big on her. I just don't know what happened to my little girl who once wore preemie EVERYTHING!! Life is just going by too fast!!!

As for mama (me)...I think I am not adjusting too well to this full time job/ full time mommy business! My brain is on overload lately. I am forgetting things at school left and right. I will go crazy trying to find a paper I JUST had in my hand, forget to get things for others when they have already asked for it 2-3 times, lose my stapler (which I hate), or just can't find the book I put down in the morning, completely ALMOST miss a faculty meeting (which I am usually one of the first people there)etc, etc.... Good thing some of my kids have their heads on straight and can actually help me look for my "missing" items. If you know me as a teacher then you know that is NOTHING like me. I am usually super organized and love to have everything ready and get all my things done when they are suppose to be done and not weeks late. I never like to be late or let anyone down! SO this is just driving me insane. I just hope soon I get my head out of my booty and get back to normal.

Other than those ramblings life is just great and my baby is already turning 4 months in less than 2 weeks!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Loves her sleep!

Ever since we started Jacie on the new sleeping schedule she has been WONDERFUL! She has always been a good sleeper but now she is a great sleeper. She now is ready for bed at around 7pm, and stays asleep until 6:30am on weekdays and this last weekend stayed asleep until 9am on both Sunday and Monday morning!!! We are so lucky!! On week mornings it takes her a while to completely wake up but usually once I get her on the changing table she will start cracking those early morning smiles at me! But this weekend I left her to wake up on her own. She sure does love weekend mornings..as do I and this is the best video I have been able to get of what I see when I go to get her!

Monday, September 6, 2010

and she loves

to stare at peoples shirts! She is fascinated with them! If you have a picture or design on it she falls in love =) She is just growing and getting sillier each and every day. I love it!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Jacie has discovered...

her feet!

and it is just too cute!! When she is sitting up sometimes she will just stare at them and wiggle them all around. Its like she is amazed that she can move them and will just watch them so intently. In the car when I look back at her sometimes I catch her doing it in her car seat. It is super cute. I believe soon she will be grabbing for them!! She is already getting good at lifting them up super high when she is on the back.

Here is a picture of daddy tickling her feet during the 3 month pictures to try to get a smile!