Monday, January 6, 2014


Its been 9 months since my last post so I wanted to write this yearly update in pictures of what happened in 2013!

January- Happy New Year
February- Sesame Street Live

March- Easter
April- A Day out with Thomas

May- Birthday girl

June- Swim Lessons

July- 4th of July
August- School days

September- Wizard of Oz love
October- Dorothy for Halloween
November- Thanksgiving 
December- Christmas 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Makes me mama/teacher heart so happy!

I love seeing Jacie learn and grow! But honestly when she does something amazing (at least in my eyes) it makes me so proud and happy! This week she has impressed me a number of times. She is using hard words I have never heard her use before and using them correctly, When she looks in the mirror she using "reflection" and one morning when I went in to get her she said "look mama, I made a terrible mess" She had taken lot of books out and threw them on the floor. She also used "yesterday" correctly yesterday.

Here she is spelling her name!

She did this at her mimi and papas house a few days ago. She did it 100% on her own! I am so impressed by this!! I just couldn't believe she made a letter J on her own.  Lately she gets so excited when she sees a J. She will say "J... like my name!"

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break

Well it was only what.... 3-4 weeks ago???

On Monday (3/11) I had a dentist appt in the morning (fun!) Later that afternoon we went to the mall to ride the carousel and tried an Easter Bunny pic but that didn't work out

Tuesday (3/12) We went to hang out with my old friend and her kiddos! We went to a bounce place and since we got there when it opened it wasn't busy and the kids pretty much had the whole place to themselves for awhile. We then went back to her house and lets the kids play and play!

Wednesday (3/13) I had another doctor appt (my breaks always consist of doc. visits... its so fun) Ben took off the rest of that week so we all got to hang out! We took Jacie to see Escape to Planet Earth which she really did enjoy.

Thursday (3/14) We did lots of errands including some grocery shopping

Friday( 3/15) We did LOTS of playing! Indoor/outdoor... all day long! Including play doh which is a recent fav right now =)

Saturday (3/16) We went to County Critters Farm. They had their annual Easter egg hunt.

Sunday (3/17) It was St. Patricks Day. Jacie started the day with a green breakfast which she actually ate.

That night she went to bed completely healthy and woke up with the FLU!!! Crazy right?!?! I took off the next 2 days after and then Ben took off 2 days and by Friday she was good!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

2 3/4 year old

It is so hard to believe that my once little baby has 3 short months until she turns 3!!! It is also hard to believe that in the next 3 months it will turn from Spring to Summer and then Summer vacation! I can't wait! Also, Spring Break is only 1 week away!

I love watching her learn and grow. She has a great vocabulary and amazes me when I hear her use a hard word! She is curious and is always asking "what's that?" but once we tell her she does not forget! has a great memory and like I said you tell her something once and she's got it for good!

My current favorite phrases:
"I have a problem"- when she can't do something on her own
"It is a mystery"- when she can't find something

She LOVES Peppa Pig and loves pretending to play Peppa Pig. She says "you mommy pig, you daddy pig, I peppa pig" and we all act out scenes from Peppa Pig in a English accent!!

She really loves reenacting scenes from any movie or show!

Most of her play right is all imaginative... and what an imagination she has!

She has started liking Lalaloopsy too. They are really cute so I don't mind her interest! Poor Dora... she is so last year!

She is getting into princess' some. Her favorite is still Cinderella but we watch Tangled (Rapunzel) about once a week. I really enjoy Tangled!

We plays LOTS of "tea party" and "sleepover"

Her fear of Chuck e Cheese is still going strong! We tried going a few weeks ago and she enjoyed the games but once she would catch any glimpse of him she would freeze and cover her eyes... I am pretty positive we will not get such a cute smiling Easter Bunny picture as we did with Santa!

She LOVES going to her dance/gym class. We started it right before Thanksgiving and we haven't missed a week yet! She is getting much more confident in doing the activities and is willing to try the new skills at least once. We already signed up for Summer classes. They will be big girl classes since she will be 3! She will also be doing tap!

She is still a wonderful picky eater but sometimes surprises us in what she will try.

She is potty trained by day (underwear full time)  We haven't tried nap/bed time yet and one day she will get #2's. She just has to overcome the fear of public restrooms! She is sometimes willing to sit on the potty but only with the portable seat! Most of the time I would hear "NOO, I am going to fall in!" She only wants to wear underwear in public though so for the past month we have been doing outings with no pull ups and she has been doing really good.. no accidents

We saw Sesame Street Live last weekend! We will be seeing Winnie the Pooh later this month!

I can't believe my girl is growing so fast!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thank you Target!

Today I was home sick from work. I went to bed with a 101.7 temp and woke up with a 101. I slept all morning and woke up fever free at noon!! Thank goodness!!! I now just have a common cold but we were out of cold meds so I had to get out. I went up to target to stock up on myself and for Jacie just incase she is next and I hit up the 70% off toy aisle!

I am so glad I did! I feel like I got some good deals. I got LOTS of squinkie toys for under $3 each that I plan on giving her for Valentine's Day. She loves the old school polly pockets that her mimi brought out a few weeks ago and these are similar and so cute!

After I went to pick her up I had to run by another Target because I forgot to get eggs for a MLK activity our classes are doing tomorrow so  I went to check their aisle out too. I found some other items also for a great deal. Those items I plan on putting in her Easter Basket!

All and all I call it a success. I added it all up tonight and I spent $50 on what would have cost $175!!! PLUS I got 2 holidays out of the way! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Accident free weekend!

She did it!!! She went the whole weekend without any accidents! I am so glad it has clicked! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Potty Training revisited...

Let me start by saying I started this post over 3 weeks ago!

After our fail in the Summer I knew she was absolutely not ready. Over the last months the potty has just been there used or not used, we have done lots of asking and have heard lots of "NO" There even was a good week in November I thought she was getting close and was tempted to try over Thanksgiving but then it went back to 'NO!"

I decided we really have nothing to lose if we try again and its a fail. I would rather try and know then not try and not know.  I mean I have 2 weeks off so its a great amount of time to just stay home with many potty chances.

I started Wednesday after her 2 1/2  year doctor appt. We went to Target because I wanted her to be pick out new underwear that she choose this time. She picked princess ones. So she keeps telling me "Cinderella does not want to get wet" or "Ariel wants to stay dry, it would make her so sad"

( I had deleted everything I had previously wrote and here is the summary) For 2 weeks she was in underwear and for 2 weeks she was doing the potty dance for hours and never relaxing enough to go when she sat. She knew she had to go... we all knew she had to go but she had a REALLY hard time just going. We had lots of accidents and a handful of pees in the potty but nothing that I would call a huge success. I was so discouraged! She loves underwear and so badly wanted to be a big girl but couldn't just mentally do it.

I went back to work Wednesday the 2nd, we tried 1 day of underwear with her mimi and papa but it was just more of the same. So that night I told her the underwear fairy took all her underwear away because Dora, and the princess' were all so sad they were getting so wet! She seemed okay with that answer but when I went to put a diaper on her she looked at me and said " Mama, Am I a baby again?" It seriously broke my heart a little.  She did finish out the week in diapers but she was still acting like she had underwear on. She didn't want to wear a wet diaper and wanted it changed right away! I figured if she was still acting like she has underwear than I need to give her the opportunity to get to the potty whenever she was ready to start going on her own.

We went out and got more pull ups on Saturday ( I said I would not use pull ups except on outings but I felt like I had no choice at that point) I didn't want to go backwards with her! And I didn't want her to feel like she was a baby again!

On Sunday, she was in a pull up and right on time started her potty dance like usual. We were asking her if she wanted to go try and were hearing the "no" or "dont have to" but again we all knew she did. On Friday I got her 2 new potty books and it is all we have been reading this week. So I finally said "remember what the book said to do when you have to pee?" She got up, ran to get the book and went to her potty, she pulled the pull up down herself sat down and started RIGHT AWAY!!!

She has been successful this week as well. At night she is going as soon as she sits on the potty, she is even using the big toilet, not just her little potty. She EVEN let me know she had to pee during her bath! She is doing so good! I am so proud of her... I even think she might be potty trained before she goes to Kindergarten ;) LOL! ( I have been telling myself for months that all my kindergarteners are potty trained so I know she will too)