Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carousel the 2nd time around

The 1st time we tried to ride a carousel I just knew she was going to love it! WRONG! I was so wrong! She freaked out as soon as it started moving and I ended up just holding her the whole time. That was back in October when she was almost 17 months old at the zoo!

Today we were at the mall doing a bit of shopping at the Gap and I wanted to try again. As soon as she saw it she started clapping and saying "YAY" so I knew she was excited! We picked out a horse and got her all strapped in tight. So far so good!! She wanted dadda to sit on the horse next to her too. The ride started and so did her smiling! She loved it!! She held on tight and did such a good job. The ride ended and she started bawling because she didn't want to get off! She wanted to ride the tiger. We will definitely be doing this more!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things I don't want to forget.

Lately she has been saying lots of new phrases/sayings but I think my favorites have been the following: Just fill in the blanks with whatever... it makes sense.

"that mama/dada?" (What's that mama/dada?)
" _____ is?" ( Where is ____?)
" _____ go?" ( Where did ______ go? )
" There is/ are" (There it is, or there you are)
"There you go" (When giving her babies something or giving us something)
"back" ( be back) holds up 1 finger and runs off to get whatever she wants.
"See?" (When she wants us to see something she just did- usually has a big smile on her face)
"Tada" (When she does a "trick")
"Jacie help!"
"Jacie try!"
and of course "Jacie go potty too" =) She can't be left out!

Todays car conversation:
Jacie: mama go!
Me: I can't, what color is the light?
Jacie: red
Me: What do we do at a red light?
Jacie: Stop!
Me: What color does the light need to turn for us to go?
Jacie: Green!
(The light turns green)

We then continues to name colors of things we could see out of the windows! She knows all her colors!

It is so crazy so we can have conversations now! I know that sounds silly but when did she get so big??

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Felt mat

My mind has been all over the place for things I want to create for Jacie! I love being crafty and with it being Summer time I HAVE TIME!!!! YAY!!!!!!

So far I am down to 2 crafts but have many more planned including a new one which I won't yell ya quite yet ;)

The 1st one is a Finding Nemo memory game using stickers and foam squares.

I was on a search for something to use with her cars. I found some ideas on pinterest and knew I could create something very similar. I am in love with her felt mat! She enjoys it but I know as she grows her love for it with grow too! I just started a 1/2 a yard of black felt and the 4 sections are the size of the individual pieces you can buy that are about the size of paper. I hand cut all the pieces and laid them out then hot glued everything down. Once I was done with the sections I glued all the yellow pieces to the road create the streets. I borrowed some printer fabric from my mom, made a word document of all the images and words I wanted and hot glued those as well!

The blur on the house is our address.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Conversations with a 2 year old...

are sometimes frustrating but always entertaining in some way!! My example of a conversation with my 2 year old today.

Here is a picture of the scene:
Jacie sits in the red chair- "sit mama" while pointing to the yellow chair
Me: "I will sit in the big person chair"
Jacie: "No mama in yellow chair ppppppppplllllease" over and over about 3x's
Me: " Go get baby! That can be her chair"
Jacie: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" with a little whining "mama's chair"
I stand up to sit in the yellow chair, Jacie then stands up from her red chair and gets in the yellow chair!
Me: "I thought that was mama's chair, get in your chair so mama can sit"
Jacie then moves back to the red chair
As I am about to sit down Jacie yells: "NOOOOOOOO mama, babies chair!!"
Runs off to get baby, comes back put baby in the chair then pats the big chair and says "sit mama"


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A few of Jacie's favorite things

A few months ago I pinned an idea that I will definitely be starting when she turns 3. On their birthday you ask them a set of 20 questions and continue asking the same ones every year to see how they have changed! Although she is too young to understand and respond to 20 questions we did ask her a few and got some great answers.

What is your favorite color? "black"
What is your favorite animal? "turtle"
What is your favorite food? "pizza"
What is your favorite dessert? "cookie"
What is your favorite TV show? "Wiggles"
Who is your favorite baby( stuffed animal)? "big baby"

I even asked her the questions 2 separate times today and the answers were the same!

I am sure the answers will be different tomorrow but it was still really cute to hear her responses =)