Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nursery transformaion

Alright, so today I went and started to transform the baby nursery into a little toddler room (tear). I set up the library center and I gotta say it is adorable!!!!! I plan on setting the room up into centers probably next summer as she continues to grow. My mom had my mom set up with centers and being a kindergarten teacher I just want to do that. She will have a art center, library center, puzzles/blocks center, dramatic play center and whatever else I think of at the time. But I am getting a little ahead of myself! The other thing I did today was take out the baby essentials (burp clothes, little bibs, swaddling blankets) out from under her changing table and moved the diapers to a new location and all her extra bath things into a box in the linen closet and then used all those empty baskets to fill up with toys!! Pictures to follow whenever I take them =)

I also slimmed out her clothes once again. Not that she has really grown out of much but its time to say byebye to long sleeve shirts. Summer in TX has begun! We had to make room in the closet for all her summer clothes she got for her birthday.

I ordered a pool for her on amazon today and we got her some swim shoes, a new bathing suit, a cover up and loads of sunscreen!

We also got her 1st pair of real shoes. Now that she is starting to walk I wanted to make sure when she is in a place where she will be walking around she is wearing shoes that are safe. We headed over to StrideRite and picked up a pair and omg they are cute! She had them on all afternoon. She is not use to having bulkier shoes on her. Her shoes right now consist of cute little cheap summer sandals so these will get taking use to.

Jacie's Bee-Day

Yesterday was GREAT!!!! I honestly couldn't have imagined her birthday going any better. The morning was FULL of finishing decorating and preparing food and cleaning. Jacie had a great nap which is really all i asked for :) Guests started arriving at 2. There was food and all the great desserts (which i did not make ;) and ALL the awesome gifts. I have to go through all her toys now and get rid of some of her baby toys because these are big girl toys! I really need to make some room!!!She also got lots of great summer clothes. The day then ended with pool time and bbq over at my parents. It's hard to believe its over and now we officially have a toddler!

Here are a few of her party pics

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can you believe it????

Jacie took her 1st steps today when I picked her up at my mom's today after work! Here is some that I got on video when we got home =)

May 24-May 28, 2010

With Jacie's birthday week HERE I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and so a recap of this week last year:

Monday (5/24)- I went to my routine weekly dr. appt with my OB. She decided since my b/p had been staying higher for the last 2 weeks it would be best to do another 24 hour urine test and another round of blood work.

Tuesday (5/25)- The jug-o-pee was returned to the OB and I turned 35 weeks preggo! (waiting...)
Here is my 35 week belly picture

Wed (5/26)- Received a call for my OB saying my protein levels are great and were actually better than my last results back at 27 weeks. (I only thought I was in the clear)

Thurs (5/27)- 4:15pm. I am laying on the couch watching Oprah. My phone rang again and saw it was my OB office again. I was then told my blood work came back WAY HIGH and I needed to get myself to the hospital and was being induced THAT NIGHT!! ( PANIC MODE SET IN!)

Fri (5/28) 9:56pm- Our daughter was born via c-section weighing in at 5.5lbs!

Our lives were now complete =)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

2 weeks

I say it every month but seriously this month is FLYING by. I mean she is already 11 1/2 months already?!?! Only 2 more weeks of babyhood then we have a toddler??? She is definitely starting to act more toddler-like too which is even more crazier! In this last week she has learned how to stand on her own so now she is letting go of everything just to stand. No steps yet, but I know thats coming sometime soon.

She said her first official word besides mama, and dada which was dog. She did it Thurs night for the first time. We were eating dinner and she pointed at Sophie and said "DAH" then again that night as I was putting her to bed she heard Sophie's collar outside her door and sat up and said "DAH" again. She has said it a few more times since then.

She has learned how to drink from a straw and will now use her straw sippy cups. Speaking of sippy cups she is a pro now at them. No longer refusing them like she use to but will not drink very much out of them still. We also started a little bit of whole milk this week too. She loves it and I am pretty sure we will have no problem with the big switcheroo in a few weeks.

Another thing she has learned this week which I find very entertaining is she will give me something. I use this a lot when she has something she is not suppose to have. I will hold out my hand and say "Let mama have it" and she will reach out and give it to me. This new thing is taking place of the scream fits she use to when we would take it away from her. Not saying this works every time but it sure it cute when she does it.

She also has learned the last and final part to patty cake. She can now "roll it" =) I am trying very hard to get it on video but every time I pull out the camera she doesn't want to do it anymore. She looks so cute rolling her arms though.

She is also acting like a big girl because she has figured out to get herself off the couch all by herself. She can do it on her tummy and on her back. She prefers doing it on her tummy though. She will just scoot herself off and land on her feet. She is getting brave!

Well we are officially down to only 13 days before the party! Gotta really get working now!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

District daycare

So 3 years ago my school district started a employee only daycare. Over those years it has grown to 3 campuses and most likely a 4th one not far behind. I love the idea of my baby in a school across the street from me or next door with other kiddos of teachers and administrators, not to mention tuition is about 1/2 the price than any other place around here!! Since it for employees only they are open for 187 days and that means not paying for holidays like at a regular daycare.
For the past few years I have heard people talking about camping out over night and getting there super early to wait in line because it is first come first serve. So yesterday morning I set my alarm for 4am and got there at about 4:45. I was 5th in line!!! Honestly it is crazy to think about but we all want in! The daycares have a great reputation!!! Who doesn't want their kid in a place like that??? There was 1 husband who camped out over night and of course he was #1. There were pregnant teachers there just hoping and trying to secure a spot for next school year! The 2nd person in line was also trying to get a 1 year old in so being #2 with a 1 year old I am pretty certain we are in!!!

We should know soon!

1 year photo shoot

I loved every single picture but these are a select few of my favorites =)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

11 months

What a fun month this one has been!!! She just keeps growing and changing every single day!!!!

-She is still wearing size 3 diapers although we might be moving up soon to size 4
- She is in 12 month and sometimes 18 months clothes
- We are on the last month of formula!!!
- She is is a pro at eating solids
- She is now drinking out of a sippy cup!!
- She has absolutely NO PROBLEM getting around these days!
- She is now brave enough to walk with holding only 1 of our hands.
- This weekend she actually stood on her own for a few seconds numerous times. When she would do it she had the biggest smile on her face.
- Still only signs "all done" but honestly I haven't been very consistent with others. This summer I will get on that.
- Is a kissing machine!!!!!!!! We love it
- She is hugging also
- She waves byebye to us every morning and then byebye to her grandparents when we pick her up!
- She is responding to our questions with physical movements...don't know how to explain that. but if we ask "Where is your baby?" she will go get baby. "Where is Dora" she will get Dora. There are many others she responds to now.
- She will dance whenever she hears any type of music no matter where we are. She is jamming in a store the other day because they had music over the intercom. She will even dance when we just sing.
- She got her 2 top teeth in this last month. So that brings her total to 4
- Her favorite toys consist of TV remotes, cell phones and laptops =)
- Not only will she clap during patty cake but will now do the "throw it in the pan" part.
- She is beginning to climb onto things

Okay, well its hard for me to believe the next 1 of these I will be doing will be her 1 year!!!!!

Saturday, April 30

Such a busy Saturday we had!

At 10:30 we headed out to Freedom Chevrolet in Dallas to meet Dora the explorer. We got there just 20 minutes later and the line was crazy long! We decided to just go for it and figured it wouldn't be too long because they are just snapping pictures then leaving. 45 minutes later and 2 breaks for Dora we finally got our turn. Jacie waved and waved at Dora as we were walking up. We stood next to her for the picture then she tried to grab her backpack and map then got mad because I was trying to face her the other way.
( We were looking at the lady taking the pictures. The dealership loaded them on their site today and they are teeny tiny so this was better than nothing)

This all happened during her nap time so I figured she would pass out on our way home but NOPE! We got home. I gave her her afternoon bottle (instead of her normal sippy cup) in HIGH HOPES she would nap and sure enough she wouldn't!! She just played and played in her crib. It got to be 2:30 and we had to start getting ready so even if she wanted to nap now she couldn't!

She got a bath, we got her outfit/prop bag all packed and was out the door by 3:45. Her photo shot wasn't until 5 but I wanted her to get some sleep!!!

Her first shots were her in her bee birthday outfit! She then got grumpy and started crying and whining so we did a costume change and prop change. She got to "ride" in a pink car with balloons attached. She definitely liked that much better and smiled lots for those pictures. We ended with the smash cake pictures. She was pretty dainty when it came to getting messy but she did pretty good. KT Photography posted 1 already today on her facebook and I so love it already. Makes me anxious to see the rest =)

Today I went to Micheals to get the rest of the supplies I needed for all the things I plan on making for her party.
The plan is for to make:
1) A banner of all her monthly stickers
2) Bee headbands for all the kiddos as their party favors and to wear at the party
3) A happy birthday banner
4) A I am 1 highchair banner
5) Jacie's party door hanger

I gotta get busy!