Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nursery transformaion

Alright, so today I went and started to transform the baby nursery into a little toddler room (tear). I set up the library center and I gotta say it is adorable!!!!! I plan on setting the room up into centers probably next summer as she continues to grow. My mom had my mom set up with centers and being a kindergarten teacher I just want to do that. She will have a art center, library center, puzzles/blocks center, dramatic play center and whatever else I think of at the time. But I am getting a little ahead of myself! The other thing I did today was take out the baby essentials (burp clothes, little bibs, swaddling blankets) out from under her changing table and moved the diapers to a new location and all her extra bath things into a box in the linen closet and then used all those empty baskets to fill up with toys!! Pictures to follow whenever I take them =)

I also slimmed out her clothes once again. Not that she has really grown out of much but its time to say byebye to long sleeve shirts. Summer in TX has begun! We had to make room in the closet for all her summer clothes she got for her birthday.

I ordered a pool for her on amazon today and we got her some swim shoes, a new bathing suit, a cover up and loads of sunscreen!

We also got her 1st pair of real shoes. Now that she is starting to walk I wanted to make sure when she is in a place where she will be walking around she is wearing shoes that are safe. We headed over to StrideRite and picked up a pair and omg they are cute! She had them on all afternoon. She is not use to having bulkier shoes on her. Her shoes right now consist of cute little cheap summer sandals so these will get taking use to.


  1. You are on top of things!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!

  2. After getting so many gifts for her birthday it was my only choice!!! =)

  3. Wow, I'm so impressed! Look forward to seeing pictures of your centers and her new shoes =)