Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jacie's Bee-Day

Yesterday was GREAT!!!! I honestly couldn't have imagined her birthday going any better. The morning was FULL of finishing decorating and preparing food and cleaning. Jacie had a great nap which is really all i asked for :) Guests started arriving at 2. There was food and all the great desserts (which i did not make ;) and ALL the awesome gifts. I have to go through all her toys now and get rid of some of her baby toys because these are big girl toys! I really need to make some room!!!She also got lots of great summer clothes. The day then ended with pool time and bbq over at my parents. It's hard to believe its over and now we officially have a toddler!

Here are a few of her party pics


  1. If you look realllllly close, you can see me in one of the pics! haha!
    --Aunt C.

  2. hahaha!!! yes...gotta love mirrors =)