Sunday, May 1, 2011

11 months

What a fun month this one has been!!! She just keeps growing and changing every single day!!!!

-She is still wearing size 3 diapers although we might be moving up soon to size 4
- She is in 12 month and sometimes 18 months clothes
- We are on the last month of formula!!!
- She is is a pro at eating solids
- She is now drinking out of a sippy cup!!
- She has absolutely NO PROBLEM getting around these days!
- She is now brave enough to walk with holding only 1 of our hands.
- This weekend she actually stood on her own for a few seconds numerous times. When she would do it she had the biggest smile on her face.
- Still only signs "all done" but honestly I haven't been very consistent with others. This summer I will get on that.
- Is a kissing machine!!!!!!!! We love it
- She is hugging also
- She waves byebye to us every morning and then byebye to her grandparents when we pick her up!
- She is responding to our questions with physical movements...don't know how to explain that. but if we ask "Where is your baby?" she will go get baby. "Where is Dora" she will get Dora. There are many others she responds to now.
- She will dance whenever she hears any type of music no matter where we are. She is jamming in a store the other day because they had music over the intercom. She will even dance when we just sing.
- She got her 2 top teeth in this last month. So that brings her total to 4
- Her favorite toys consist of TV remotes, cell phones and laptops =)
- Not only will she clap during patty cake but will now do the "throw it in the pan" part.
- She is beginning to climb onto things

Okay, well its hard for me to believe the next 1 of these I will be doing will be her 1 year!!!!!

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  1. It sounds like she couldn't be doing any better! It's so hard to believe our babies are almost a year old...