Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday, April 30

Such a busy Saturday we had!

At 10:30 we headed out to Freedom Chevrolet in Dallas to meet Dora the explorer. We got there just 20 minutes later and the line was crazy long! We decided to just go for it and figured it wouldn't be too long because they are just snapping pictures then leaving. 45 minutes later and 2 breaks for Dora we finally got our turn. Jacie waved and waved at Dora as we were walking up. We stood next to her for the picture then she tried to grab her backpack and map then got mad because I was trying to face her the other way.
( We were looking at the lady taking the pictures. The dealership loaded them on their site today and they are teeny tiny so this was better than nothing)

This all happened during her nap time so I figured she would pass out on our way home but NOPE! We got home. I gave her her afternoon bottle (instead of her normal sippy cup) in HIGH HOPES she would nap and sure enough she wouldn't!! She just played and played in her crib. It got to be 2:30 and we had to start getting ready so even if she wanted to nap now she couldn't!

She got a bath, we got her outfit/prop bag all packed and was out the door by 3:45. Her photo shot wasn't until 5 but I wanted her to get some sleep!!!

Her first shots were her in her bee birthday outfit! She then got grumpy and started crying and whining so we did a costume change and prop change. She got to "ride" in a pink car with balloons attached. She definitely liked that much better and smiled lots for those pictures. We ended with the smash cake pictures. She was pretty dainty when it came to getting messy but she did pretty good. KT Photography posted 1 already today on her facebook and I so love it already. Makes me anxious to see the rest =)

Today I went to Micheals to get the rest of the supplies I needed for all the things I plan on making for her party.
The plan is for to make:
1) A banner of all her monthly stickers
2) Bee headbands for all the kiddos as their party favors and to wear at the party
3) A happy birthday banner
4) A I am 1 highchair banner
5) Jacie's party door hanger

I gotta get busy!

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