Saturday, May 7, 2011

District daycare

So 3 years ago my school district started a employee only daycare. Over those years it has grown to 3 campuses and most likely a 4th one not far behind. I love the idea of my baby in a school across the street from me or next door with other kiddos of teachers and administrators, not to mention tuition is about 1/2 the price than any other place around here!! Since it for employees only they are open for 187 days and that means not paying for holidays like at a regular daycare.
For the past few years I have heard people talking about camping out over night and getting there super early to wait in line because it is first come first serve. So yesterday morning I set my alarm for 4am and got there at about 4:45. I was 5th in line!!! Honestly it is crazy to think about but we all want in! The daycares have a great reputation!!! Who doesn't want their kid in a place like that??? There was 1 husband who camped out over night and of course he was #1. There were pregnant teachers there just hoping and trying to secure a spot for next school year! The 2nd person in line was also trying to get a 1 year old in so being #2 with a 1 year old I am pretty certain we are in!!!

We should know soon!