Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 Months old

Alright, so I decided I have been doing this month summaries wrong. I should tell you what she is doing when she turns that month! I have been doing it kinda backwards. I think I got confused once I started the 0 month post because really what she was doing at 0 months was being born (HAHA) anyways, bare with me this month while I post this again and then look forward to a new one next month!!! I think I got it now ;)

• Wearing size 1 diapers
• Wearing 0-3 month clothes
• Eats 5oz every 3/4 hours during the day, 6oz at night
• Smiles and giggles!!!
• “talking” a lot
• Loves playing on her activity mat, she hits and grabs the toys and kicks her legs like crazy with the music.
• Can put herself to sleep at night
• Sleeps in her crib
• Goes to bed between 7-8pm, eats 2oz at 10:30 and has to be woken up at 6:30.
• Always gives me BIG smiles during her first diaper change in the morning right after I wake her up!! Great way to start the morning =)
• Sleeps in a woombie with her arms out.
• Is a wiggle worm in her crib, she will disappear off the video monitor, finally got her one of those positioners but she can even wiggle out of that some nights
• Starting bathing her in the bath tub and STILL loves them!
• Doing much better at tummy time, can now lift her head up and look around, but gets angry easily during it so she would rather just lay there and whine.
• Can grab and hold onto objects
• Likes to sit or stand in lap and look around
• Can be quite a bobble head
• If on back she can lift her head up (sit up like)
• Started sucking on her fingers and or whole fist and drool a lot (possibly teething soon? I don't know)
• Started staying at mamaws and grammys during the day while mommy went back to work :/

Jacie is also a TOTAL daddy's girl. All she has to do is look at him and breaks out into a huge grin. She makes mommy work for them...hum...

For her 3 month pictures we did a little informal photo shot with one of those nice cameras. Ben has rented it from work and the pictures turn out MUCH better than from my iphone =)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to work

I went back to work on Monday and let me tell you... it was NOT easy!!! I broke down on Sunday night after putting her to bed thinking about how I have to leave her in the morning and then Monday morning I cried when Ben left the house and then in the car and then at the school and so on and so on....I did feel much better in the afternoon though, but boy was Monday tough!! Monday night we had her photo shoot for KT photography and she was just plain worn out. I could not get her up for ANYTHING! Tuesday was much easier, Wednesday was good then on Thursday I had meet the teacher and I only saw her in the morning and then when I got home for about 10 minutes so I am already not looking forward to those long days at work such as PTA meetings and other special nights I have to stay later. I am determined to leave the school at 4:15 everyday!! That is when we are allowed to leave unless I absolutely have to stay longer but at 4:I5 I am dropping what I am doing and heading home. Jacie did really good at grammy's house and mamaw's house this week. The only thing is she is just not liking to sleep to her beds over there. I guess she knows its not hers and will have to get use to them. She will sleep anywhere else except the cribs which I find very weird. The kids start Monday and so does the tiredness and stress. I am pretty sure the beginning of the year will keep me exhausted. This year will be a year of change!!!

PS.... I can't believe this time next week Jacie will be 3 months old!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Advice taken- sleep pt. 2

Back story- decided to move Jacie's bed time up to 8 from 11 and started her in her crib. First 2 days were bad but got better by the 3rd. Now..... we lay her down at 8 and she is asleep within minutes =) Best decision ever!!!!!!

Problem- started waking up at 3am for a feeding!!!!!

Solution- Feed her 1 more time at 10:30-11 (advice taken from my new principal) and she now sleeps until 6!!!! I was worried about the getting her up thinking she would stay awake but NOPE...I am pretty sure she is eating in her sleep. She never once opens her eyes!!

If this continues I just might be able to keep MY bedtime once school starts!!! Ben can do the late feeding since he is a night owl.

Off topic.... have I mentioned how much fun Jacie is to play with now that is always smiling, laughing and cooing!!! It is the best =)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tummy torture...Oh I mean tummy time

Let me begin saying she still hates it. Don't let the pictures fool you =) She lasts about 3 minutes before it turns into full on screams that usually ends with her falling asleep. We have started doing 5-10 minutes 3-4 times a day opposed to 30-40 full minutes at a time and I think it is starting to FINALLY pay off!!! Check her out

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer time

Summer is really truly coming an end!! I still can't believe it.. that this is my last week. This has definitely been the best summer of my life. I am go glad that I got to spend Jacies first 11 weeks with her full time and the 8 weeks I spent taking care of her in my tummy. So with that being said this will be the toughest "first day of school" ever!!

This summer we have experienced a few of Jacie's firsts. I am loving seeing her grow and change daily! It is already going by so fast.

Jacie ready to celebrate her first holiday- 4th of July

First time visiting Roxton to meet her great papa

One of her first smiles I got to capture. Now she is a smiling and laughing fool!! I love it =)

First time in the pool

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jacie's happenings

What a week and its not even 1/2 way over yet!

First, last night was night 3 in her crib. The following is the time length it has taken her to fall asleep on her own
Night 1- 1 1/2 hours ( not fun for baby or mommy and daddy) =slept 6 hours
Night 2- 30 minutes (very nice but we can do better) - slept 8 hours!!! WOOT
Night 3- 10 minutes!!! (Love it!) Slept 7 1/2 hours!

I believe she got it =)

Next issue is not as nice... constipation! Poor baby had it. I guess that was the trade off for the formula switch which I will add has done wonders to her night time problems and her trowing up but then we had nothing coming out of either end and when it did it looks like tootsie rolls and not peanut butter ( sorry if that a little TMI) and its no fun for her to push out tootsie rolls. So now the problem is resolved thanks to some home remedies suggested by her doctor.

Yesterday, Jacie met a friend. She is the daughter of a 5th grade teacher I worked with last year. She was due at the beginning of June and I was due at the end but we all know Jacie wanted out at 35 weeks and her baby didn't want out at almost 41 weeks. Jacie is 11 days older. It was the first time Jacie has been next to a full term baby around her age. Jacie's height is only in the 10th percentile and it really shows being next to her baby. Poor Jacie is going to take after her momma! Maybe she will be lucky and not be in 9th grade before she hits 5 feet!!!

In other news I am trying to enjoy my last days with her. I am going to miss her soooooooooooooooooo much when I have to go back. It is going to be really hard but thankfully I have a job where I am ALWAYS busy so maybe that will make it a little easier. Next week I go back to work on my room, teachers start that next Monday then students come back the next! Summer has really flown by.

Today we have a busy day of being shown off at her papaws office. I am sure Jacie won't touch the stroller as soon as we go in ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010

A good night sleep... for Jacie

So after our pedi visit it was decided we were going to move Jacie into her crib in her room.

Let me start from the beginning...
We took a trip to Target to get a crib smoother, when we got home we realized it was the wrong toy that went with the box plus it looked very used and didn't work right. It was such a cute design and when I looked on amazon to see if we could just order one off there it said it was now a collectible and cost too much. So back I went to Target to exchange it for the one below.

So it was time for her to eat and she did not eat her normal 4oz but ate 6oz!! What a piggy! So, a short while after that she started getting drowsy so I laid her in the crib, turned on the toy and left the room. It did not take long for her to start crying. We sat in the living room with the monitor and listened and watched her. For the next 1 1/2 hours we went in only to soothe her. We did not pick her up!! Finally at 11pm she was OUT!!! and she didn't wake up again until 5am. I think that is awesome for her first night in her room and it will only get better. She has the morning time right, she actually has been waking up at 5 for the past 4 mornings now but that night time needs working on. I know we will get there!!

Our video monitor has a TV hook up so last night that is what we did. We had her on our TV all night. It was nice but I couldn't stop watching her. I finally got to bed at midnight and woke up every hour until 3 and then couldnt go back to sleep. Hopefully I will get better at my sleep also!!! Baby steps for all of us.

All in all it was a great first night!!!!!!