Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to work

I went back to work on Monday and let me tell you... it was NOT easy!!! I broke down on Sunday night after putting her to bed thinking about how I have to leave her in the morning and then Monday morning I cried when Ben left the house and then in the car and then at the school and so on and so on....I did feel much better in the afternoon though, but boy was Monday tough!! Monday night we had her photo shoot for KT photography and she was just plain worn out. I could not get her up for ANYTHING! Tuesday was much easier, Wednesday was good then on Thursday I had meet the teacher and I only saw her in the morning and then when I got home for about 10 minutes so I am already not looking forward to those long days at work such as PTA meetings and other special nights I have to stay later. I am determined to leave the school at 4:15 everyday!! That is when we are allowed to leave unless I absolutely have to stay longer but at 4:I5 I am dropping what I am doing and heading home. Jacie did really good at grammy's house and mamaw's house this week. The only thing is she is just not liking to sleep to her beds over there. I guess she knows its not hers and will have to get use to them. She will sleep anywhere else except the cribs which I find very weird. The kids start Monday and so does the tiredness and stress. I am pretty sure the beginning of the year will keep me exhausted. This year will be a year of change!!!

PS.... I can't believe this time next week Jacie will be 3 months old!!

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