Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Bunny

I was just hoping things would go better than it did with Santa but yet I was wrong. She did however wave, say hi and play peek a boo with her but once I tried to hand her over she wanted nothing to do with that bunny!!! I couldn't even get her on the rabbits lap because she kept going limp and sliding down her leg. Oh well... we tried. Maybe next year!
AND just for smiles... here is our happy girl with the Easter Bunny last year!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

22 months

This age is way too much fun!!! I know I have said that so many times but she is a blast and seriously so funny!!

She is wearing mostly 24 month/ 2T now. Pants are still 18 month but with the weather warming up now she can get away with the bigger bottoms(shorts/capris) as long as they have the stretching button things on the inside so I can make the waists smaller. She does NOT like sandals that go between the toes! She says "ouch ouch ouch" as soon as they go on.

Started asking for milk a lot. She drank LOTS of milk this month! I know that sounds silly but she has never really been a good milk drinker so I was surprised she kept asking for it over and over.

Got her left and right bottom canine tooth (14th and 15th tooth) Only 1 more until the 2 year molars start their way in

She pretend snores when playing asleep.. it sounds like "ah hem" "ah hem",

Loves to tickle her babies/stuffed animals and says "tick tick tick".

She has become obsessed with baseball! When she sees anything related to baseball she screams "BASEBALL!" She is really good at spotting things too

Loves to pretend sneeze.. Her dada started pretending she was blowing him away by her sneezes and she thinks its hilarious!

Loves to play tea party with her babies and stuffed animals

Able to match letters to each other (in smaller portions.. not given the whole alphabet)

Went pee pee in her potty for the 1st time on March 18th and went #2 on March 25th =)

She still loves to count and tells us sets of things all the time like "2 balls, or 3 birds"

Started singing the 1st line a few familiar songs. She can do "row row row your boat", "twinkle little star" and "popping bubbles" (Dora song)

Started saying "NO MINE!!"... yes, we are practicing our sharing skills

Phrases that she says that I think are too cute: " I'm stuck, 1 more (while holding up her finger), no wait (if she thinks are leaving her behind), dirty hands (she says it after she eats), and no fit"

Says "The end" after we read books.

ONLY 2 MORE MONTHS until she is 2! So crazy!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break

I will say it has been the best Spring break yet. Spending it with my little girl and seeing her experience new things is the best thing ever!

On Monday, we did a little shopping with a friend. I got a new purse which makes me happy =) We then got some lunch. Got home for her nap and then went out in search of some planters to use as book holders but I am finding are way too big for what I want.

On Tuesday, we met dada for lunch at Fuzzy's. It was very tasty! After her nap we went to Kohls so I could spend my Kohls cash. I knew exactly what I wanted to get so it was a quick trip. Jacie got a new Dora porch chair for only $2.

On Wednesday is when the fun began since we got to spend the day with dads too since he took a few days off. In the morning we took Jacie to her 1st movie experience. We saw The Lorax. Honestly I expected the worse but she totally proved us wrong. She was the best behaved little girl!! She sat on our laps, ate popcorn, drank her sippy and watched the whole movie. We only had to tell her "shh shh" 2 times and she listened. I am still amazed at how well the whole experience was! After nap we went out and ran a few errands and ended the day with some Chick fil a.

On Thursday, we took her to the Butterfly Garden at the Botanical Gardens. She wasn't too impressed with the butterflies but loved running around in the gardens when we left.

On Friday, I got busy on her dress up center project. I love love love the final product!

On Saturday, we went to babies r us for the diaper deal they had going on and we visited her mamaw and papaws house and played with one of her older cousins. They had fun blowing bubbles. She is dressed in her green for Saint Patricks Day.

On Sunday, we played it low key since it was our last day of vacation. I braided her hair, we went out for a bit and got her a little minnie mouse dress on sale for her 1st actual dress up play outfit, but the big news that happened after dinner was she went pee pee in her potty for the 1st time!! Her face was priceless when the toilet started singing but we all got super excited after and celebrated with a bowl of ice cream =)
Easter is in 2 weeks and we will get to spend a 4 day weekend together!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Since I got onto pinterest awhile back I have been dabbling into some DIY crafts here and there. Nothing too special, just little things, but I do seriously love that site!!

I have created a weekly calendar for us to use

A menu for the refrigerator

A letter J made of crayons

The oil pan magnet board

Tile coasters

Silhouette picture

and the latest... a dress up center

The dress up center has been a thought for sooo long. Originally I wanted to get something like this for her birthday or next Christmas since I know she is still little but when something got handed over to me I couldn't resist but create it now! My idea all started with this center. But seriously?? $300?? Then it moved onto a center you could build but uhm... I have no idea how to build! Then I saw a dress up center out of an old dresser idea and thought that would be cute and easy but I don't have an old dresser or now anyone who does, so I would be searching garage sales and thrift stores! I then got simple and decided I will just do a shelf and call it a day...easy peasy right? yet so simple!

Well last night my husband decided he wanted to re-organize his office and had a bookshelf he didn't want anymore. I said "I will take it and create her dress up center" I planned it all out last night. I decided exactly what I wanted to do to it. I started by removing the lower shelf. Then today I got the spray paint and the closet rod. I got right to work when nap time came. Another run to home depot and a hours later I am done and love it!!! Jacie was excited when she saw it in her room but liked the empty hanger better than the center which is okay. I know she will grow to love it!!!
She has LOTS of room to grow! Little shorty =)
For the dress up area to be complete I want to attach some knobs on the side for necklaces and possibly a basket for bracelets and rings. Next to it where you see the frog leg I want to attach a mirror so she will be able to see herself all prettied up! The baskets will hold items that can't be hung up like wings, wands, hats, etc. and shoes can either be in a basket or on the bottom.

As of right now those are her only 2 dress up items she owns. Her tutu from her 1st birthday party and the cat costume from Halloween. I know more will come in the coming years so we are now prepared!!

The best thing about this dress up center is it only cost $20! =) Much better than $300!

Friday, March 2, 2012

21 months!

Well she is officially doing way too much and it is making it very hard to keep up with!! But here are a a few things that Jacie has been doing this last month.

She is talking up a storm, saying up to 4 word phases, now labeling us when she speaks such as "thank you mama, please dada, bye mama, and my favorite "I love you mama" melts my heart every time I hear it!

One of her newest worsd is "stuck" She says it when she can't do something on her own or get something. She says either the toy is stuck or she is stuck.

Her latest thing is "yelling" our names when she is looking for us around the house, she also yells for her baby when she can't find her (too bad the baby can't respond)

She is loving pretend play more and more. She has loved pretend play for awhile but the love keeps growing. She really started playing with her little people house more and pretends the mama, dada, and baby eat around the table, that they go potty, take baths, sleep and cook in the kitchen.

She has had a few tantrums this month but not anymore than I can count on 1 hand.

Still working on the colors. She is able to identify a few of them and say a few colors but not too many. She has blue down!

She is counting to 3

Whenever she points to letters she just says random letters but this week the "ABC" song came on TV and she said "ABCs!"

Well another month is gone and only 3 more to go until she is 2!!

On a side note, only 1 more of school until Spring Break!!! =)