Thursday, March 29, 2012

22 months

This age is way too much fun!!! I know I have said that so many times but she is a blast and seriously so funny!!

She is wearing mostly 24 month/ 2T now. Pants are still 18 month but with the weather warming up now she can get away with the bigger bottoms(shorts/capris) as long as they have the stretching button things on the inside so I can make the waists smaller. She does NOT like sandals that go between the toes! She says "ouch ouch ouch" as soon as they go on.

Started asking for milk a lot. She drank LOTS of milk this month! I know that sounds silly but she has never really been a good milk drinker so I was surprised she kept asking for it over and over.

Got her left and right bottom canine tooth (14th and 15th tooth) Only 1 more until the 2 year molars start their way in

She pretend snores when playing asleep.. it sounds like "ah hem" "ah hem",

Loves to tickle her babies/stuffed animals and says "tick tick tick".

She has become obsessed with baseball! When she sees anything related to baseball she screams "BASEBALL!" She is really good at spotting things too

Loves to pretend sneeze.. Her dada started pretending she was blowing him away by her sneezes and she thinks its hilarious!

Loves to play tea party with her babies and stuffed animals

Able to match letters to each other (in smaller portions.. not given the whole alphabet)

Went pee pee in her potty for the 1st time on March 18th and went #2 on March 25th =)

She still loves to count and tells us sets of things all the time like "2 balls, or 3 birds"

Started singing the 1st line a few familiar songs. She can do "row row row your boat", "twinkle little star" and "popping bubbles" (Dora song)

Started saying "NO MINE!!"... yes, we are practicing our sharing skills

Phrases that she says that I think are too cute: " I'm stuck, 1 more (while holding up her finger), no wait (if she thinks are leaving her behind), dirty hands (she says it after she eats), and no fit"

Says "The end" after we read books.

ONLY 2 MORE MONTHS until she is 2! So crazy!

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  1. I agree with you, this age is SO FUN! Sounds like she is doing fantastic. Our LO has started singing some words to songs too, so adorable =)