Friday, March 16, 2012


Since I got onto pinterest awhile back I have been dabbling into some DIY crafts here and there. Nothing too special, just little things, but I do seriously love that site!!

I have created a weekly calendar for us to use

A menu for the refrigerator

A letter J made of crayons

The oil pan magnet board

Tile coasters

Silhouette picture

and the latest... a dress up center

The dress up center has been a thought for sooo long. Originally I wanted to get something like this for her birthday or next Christmas since I know she is still little but when something got handed over to me I couldn't resist but create it now! My idea all started with this center. But seriously?? $300?? Then it moved onto a center you could build but uhm... I have no idea how to build! Then I saw a dress up center out of an old dresser idea and thought that would be cute and easy but I don't have an old dresser or now anyone who does, so I would be searching garage sales and thrift stores! I then got simple and decided I will just do a shelf and call it a day...easy peasy right? yet so simple!

Well last night my husband decided he wanted to re-organize his office and had a bookshelf he didn't want anymore. I said "I will take it and create her dress up center" I planned it all out last night. I decided exactly what I wanted to do to it. I started by removing the lower shelf. Then today I got the spray paint and the closet rod. I got right to work when nap time came. Another run to home depot and a hours later I am done and love it!!! Jacie was excited when she saw it in her room but liked the empty hanger better than the center which is okay. I know she will grow to love it!!!
She has LOTS of room to grow! Little shorty =)
For the dress up area to be complete I want to attach some knobs on the side for necklaces and possibly a basket for bracelets and rings. Next to it where you see the frog leg I want to attach a mirror so she will be able to see herself all prettied up! The baskets will hold items that can't be hung up like wings, wands, hats, etc. and shoes can either be in a basket or on the bottom.

As of right now those are her only 2 dress up items she owns. Her tutu from her 1st birthday party and the cat costume from Halloween. I know more will come in the coming years so we are now prepared!!

The best thing about this dress up center is it only cost $20! =) Much better than $300!

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