Thursday, May 31, 2012

How we spent her 2nd birthday

It all started with her waking up to me and her daddy singing Happy Birthday to her and seeing lots of pink balloons all on her floor!!

We started with breakfast at Chick-fil-a and then headed to the SeaLife Aquarium. She did have a good time looking at all the fish and sea creatures.

We headed over to Build a Bear so she could get her very first one. It was a tough choice. Her and dada first walked down the aisle to see all the animals and the 2nd time around she picked the cat and wouldn't let it go. She put the heart inside and watched her get stuffed. She picked out an outfit and named her "Meow Meow"

After we went to Rainforest cafe. It was my 1st time also. It was a pretty awesome place and Jacie did love it! The animals go off and move around at different times. It gets really loud when they do. I thought she might get scared but she didn't at all, but she did tell them "too loud!"

We came home afterward and we were already running behind on nap. She closed her eyes right when we got into the garage. When I went to put her in bed she popped right up and never went back to bed!! It was a no nap birthday!!!

We decided that since she wasn't going to nap to go do some more birthday shopping!! We headed to Toys-r-us!!!

We got home, played with her new toys for a while and she went to bed snuggling her new kitty "Meow Meow"
It was an amazing day!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

24 months= 2 years old!

WOW!!!!! It has happened!! Jacie is officially 2 years old!

Started enjoying Max and Ruby and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Seriously the most polite 2 year old! She is always saying "thank you" and has been saying "no thank you", she always says "please" and now says "welcome" If she burps she says "excuse me" and says "sorry" We get lots of compliments on her manners!

She can undress herself! Crazy to watch her do it! She is so big!

Loves her hippo pool! Can't wait to get her into a  real pool this summer! She will be taking swimming lesson once a week this summer!

She will also be doing a Kindermusik class because she loves to dance and sing.

Her vocabulary has exploded!! The words she knows and what she says amaze me daily.

She likes to play cowboy. She takes her hat off and says "yeee haw"

Still loves to count and can name almost all the colors

We have a big day planned with her!! More on that later =)

Happy Birthday Big Girl!!!

Summer time is right around the corner!! I can't wait to spend all my days with her!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Party post!

We celebrated Jacie's 2nd birthday party yesterday with all her family and some friends. I have been planning this party for weeks and was cooking and baking all Friday and Saturday morning. Jacie saw most of the decorations while I was decorating but I left the balloons put away until nap time right before the party! I knew she would LOVE the big Dora and wanted it to be a surprise! Also, its a lot harder to decorate with a toddler running around since everything I put on the table she wants to take off! The most imporatant thing was that she had a great time and had tons of fun! It shows in the pictures =)
Food table
The dessert table
Dora cake my friend and I made!

Jacie and Dora

Liked the ice cream cupcakes

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Party planning mode...

is in full effect this week!!! We are down to the last few days before the big -T-W-O birthday party!!! I have done lots of things but have about oh....100 more things on my list!!! I want everything to be as perfect as possible since I know this year she will have a reaction to it all! My plan to have everything decorated by Thursday night at the latest so I can just focus on cleaning, cooking/baking and table decorating on Friday and Saturday!!! So far our living room looks almost ready! I have made everything and it is hard work! Last year my decorations came from a store... or at least most of them! I have had a blast decorating and honestly I think it looks so cute all put together and I will be sad when it is time to take it all down!!
Here is a little sneak peek!! 

I can't wait until Saturday!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I have to say I have become very happy with Jacie's speech but lately her vocabulary is just blowing me away! She knows so many words of things I just didn't know she knew, for example, "grasshopper, camel, hamster, mermaid" those are just a few. Other words that she has been using are "empty, full, heavy, dark, light, spicy, hot, scared, sad, happy, big, little" All of those are concept words opposed to object words. She knows the meanings and uses them correctly!! I love being surprised by what new words she has learned!! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Momma/ Jacie day

I took off today for a momma/ Jacie day! I know I know summer is only 3 weeks away and having today off with her made me that much more ready to spend almost 2 months with her!!!! We had so much fun today and I just love interacting with her every minute and not missing anything. We started with breakfast together, watched an episode of Max and Ruby then headed out for a little shopping. 

We went to Target and I finally convinced her to try on and walk around in a pair of flip flops! She has had a thing about thong sandals. Every time she sees a sandal that goes between her toes she says "OUCH OUCH OUCH" and refuses to try them on. She is now an owner of sparkly purple sandals! We then walked over to Marshalls and she got some books that were on clearance ( you can never have enough books) and then to Maurices to look around and I found 2 shirts and some sunglasses! 

 We then went to lunch together for the 1st time alone! We went to Chick-fil-a and she ate so good!! At first she just was yelling "ice cream please momma" over and over but she actually ate all her chicken and a few bites of fruit. After nap I took her to Suzy Q's for some ice cream! 

Putting her 1st sticker (Max and Ruby) on her potty chart for pooping in the potty!!!!!

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside playing in her pool and her new Dora bubble gun!

Mother's Day/ Birthday Sunday

This year my birthday fell on Mother's Day. I am sure it has happened more than a  few times in my life but the last time I remember it doing so was my 16th birthday! I remember being sad I had to share my day with my mom! Teenagers....

I had a very good day! It started with a breakfast made by my husband followed by my presents; a Cuisinart Griddler and a new flosser! I know that last one is exciting but it is what I asked for! We then left to go to lunch with my family (minus my mom). Too bad I wasn't really hungry for lunch because the little that I did eat was tasty!

I think my favorite moment of the weekend happened on the ride home. We stopped for gas and Ben went in to get us a some slurpee's. He came back to the car with 2 big slurpees in hand, handed me mine and Jacie said "Jacie too!!!" in a sad voice!! I felt bad we didn't get her anything so I handed mine over! No longer can we sneak things by her I suppose. She wants to be included!

We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting both of our moms!