Sunday, May 27, 2012

Party post!

We celebrated Jacie's 2nd birthday party yesterday with all her family and some friends. I have been planning this party for weeks and was cooking and baking all Friday and Saturday morning. Jacie saw most of the decorations while I was decorating but I left the balloons put away until nap time right before the party! I knew she would LOVE the big Dora and wanted it to be a surprise! Also, its a lot harder to decorate with a toddler running around since everything I put on the table she wants to take off! The most imporatant thing was that she had a great time and had tons of fun! It shows in the pictures =)
Food table
The dessert table
Dora cake my friend and I made!

Jacie and Dora

Liked the ice cream cupcakes

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  1. Happy birthday Jacie!!! She looks like she had a great time and cake turned out amazing, nice job mama =)