Monday, May 14, 2012

Momma/ Jacie day

I took off today for a momma/ Jacie day! I know I know summer is only 3 weeks away and having today off with her made me that much more ready to spend almost 2 months with her!!!! We had so much fun today and I just love interacting with her every minute and not missing anything. We started with breakfast together, watched an episode of Max and Ruby then headed out for a little shopping. 

We went to Target and I finally convinced her to try on and walk around in a pair of flip flops! She has had a thing about thong sandals. Every time she sees a sandal that goes between her toes she says "OUCH OUCH OUCH" and refuses to try them on. She is now an owner of sparkly purple sandals! We then walked over to Marshalls and she got some books that were on clearance ( you can never have enough books) and then to Maurices to look around and I found 2 shirts and some sunglasses! 

 We then went to lunch together for the 1st time alone! We went to Chick-fil-a and she ate so good!! At first she just was yelling "ice cream please momma" over and over but she actually ate all her chicken and a few bites of fruit. After nap I took her to Suzy Q's for some ice cream! 

Putting her 1st sticker (Max and Ruby) on her potty chart for pooping in the potty!!!!!

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside playing in her pool and her new Dora bubble gun!

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