Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day/ Birthday Sunday

This year my birthday fell on Mother's Day. I am sure it has happened more than a  few times in my life but the last time I remember it doing so was my 16th birthday! I remember being sad I had to share my day with my mom! Teenagers....

I had a very good day! It started with a breakfast made by my husband followed by my presents; a Cuisinart Griddler and a new flosser! I know that last one is exciting but it is what I asked for! We then left to go to lunch with my family (minus my mom). Too bad I wasn't really hungry for lunch because the little that I did eat was tasty!

I think my favorite moment of the weekend happened on the ride home. We stopped for gas and Ben went in to get us a some slurpee's. He came back to the car with 2 big slurpees in hand, handed me mine and Jacie said "Jacie too!!!" in a sad voice!! I felt bad we didn't get her anything so I handed mine over! No longer can we sneak things by her I suppose. She wants to be included!

We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting both of our moms!

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