Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Party planning mode...

is in full effect this week!!! We are down to the last few days before the big -T-W-O birthday party!!! I have done lots of things but have about oh....100 more things on my list!!! I want everything to be as perfect as possible since I know this year she will have a reaction to it all! My plan to have everything decorated by Thursday night at the latest so I can just focus on cleaning, cooking/baking and table decorating on Friday and Saturday!!! So far our living room looks almost ready! I have made everything and it is hard work! Last year my decorations came from a store... or at least most of them! I have had a blast decorating and honestly I think it looks so cute all put together and I will be sad when it is time to take it all down!!
Here is a little sneak peek!! 

I can't wait until Saturday!!!!

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  1. FUN!!! Our party is Monday so I know the feeling of 101 things to do. We did the store bought stuff though...you're awesome for making it all. Love the pictures =)