Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not even making it to 9 months pregnant!

Just thought I would share my birth story. At my 34 wk, 6 day appt I was asked to do another 24 hour urine sample and another round of labs. I was warned at the appointment if my numbers weren't looking good baby was coming out. On Wed (5/26) I received a call from my doc office saying my urine was great so I thought "Awesome! We are in the clear!!" On Thursday I received another phone calling from the office and that one was not so good. My liver enzyme numbers were high and they told me to pack up and head up to l&d and I would be induced that night!!!!

Thursday night we arrived at the hospital at about 5:30pm. I was then hook up to my IV, Magnesium Sulfate because of my blood pressure and at another point during the induction hooked up to penicillin for +GBS. They placed the first round of cytotec at 7pm and received 3 more after that . By the next morning I was barely having contractions and haven't progressed at all. I was still were I started. 1cm!!! I then started pitocin. A few hours later, my doctor broke my water in hopes to get things rolling, but really had not much change. I was then moved around the bed in different positions. At 3pm I was rolled on my right side and then the contractions started. I dealt with them for a good hour and asked for the epi. The epi was a hard and long process. Sitting up straight for 45 minutes contracting not being able to move was horrible. The first epi was placed in a vein and could have caused me seizures, so I had the whole epi procedure done twice. After it was through I laid back down and they started the medicines. As soon as they began that my bp started dropping pretty fast. I then began to get sick because of it. They gave me rounds and rounds of meds to get it up and to get my stomach feeling better. All I could do was try to sleep because I was so miserable! Every time the doctors touched me or turned me over to check me I would throw up. I was then told if I hadn't made a huge jump at 8pm a c-section might take place. By 8 I was 4cm but baby wasn't low and my cervix still wasn't at 100%. She came back at 9:15, rolled me over to check me, again I starting throwing up and hadn't changed. My doctor decided it was time to get baby out!!

Jacie Ann was born Fri, May 28 at 9:56pm weighing 5lbs 5oz and 19in long, via c-section. Being only a 35 week baby NICU was there ready to take her. After she came out, I only saw her when they showed her to me before they took her out to get assessed. I was then wheeled back to my room and was told that Jacie would be in that night. At 1:15am she came in and we were told she was perfect. She had no problems and could stay with us the rest of our stay!!! Of course they kept a close eye on the whole time but never had to return to the NICU. I stayed on the magnesium until 5pm yesterday. I finally was able to get out of bed and start working through my c-section pain. We are getting released to go home tomorrow =)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

8 month survery =)

How Far Along? 35 weeks!

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 15 lbs as of yesterday!

Maternity Clothes? Yes and I will miss the comfiness of them when I go back to regular clothes

Sleep? I just laughed when I read what my last months answer was. This was is total opposite!! I am having a horrible time sleeping now a days

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing Jacie's face again in 3D and knowing she is now well over 5lbs

Movement? Yup! Knowing I am in my last weeks, makes me realize how much I am going to miss that part of pregnancy.

Food Cravings? Nope

Food aversions? Nothing lately.

Morning sickness? NEVER!!!

Gender? Still a girl =)

Labor Signs? None that I have noticed, but I am having contractions according to the monitoring done yesterday.

Belly Button? Still an inny and most likely will stay that way.

What I miss: Since I have practically been house bound for 2 months, I miss almost everything!!

What I'm looking forward to: Jacie's big arrival!!!

Milestones? Making it to the baby "safe zone" Considering my bp is now up, it makes me feel better knowing she would be find on the outside now!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like baby =)

I can finally relax! I finally feel prepared for Jacie's arrival. Since I am out of work 2 teacher friends hosted my work "baby shower". They collected gifts throughout the week and brought them over to us on Friday. My co-workers are super supportive and got us some much needed things. Both our families have also been showering us with gifts throughout these weeks. We received the last of our "big" items yesterday also. It has been a great weekend preparing for Jacie and it makes us even more excited to meet her in 3 short weeks =)

Ben and I starting to open my work gifts!

Bigger baby items

Practicing with big bird

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just realized...

This is my 233 days of pregnancy. I am 33 weeks and there are 33 more days until we meet Jacie! So many double 3's today =)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

33 weeks

I had my weekly appointment with my regular doctor today and all is good. My bp was higher than she would have liked (but not too high) so I am just suppose to watch it until my next appointment. I've taken it since I have been home and it is back to normal. My next appointment is on Monday with the specialist and she will be getting another measurement scan. It will be her second to last one- 37 weeks will be her last.

I had my first NST (Non-Stress-Test) today. It is where they strap me down to monitors and track her heart rate and movement for about 20 minutes. Everything went great and she passed it. I will have one of those every time I see the doctor from now on.

The ultrasound went good. I like having them at my regular doctor because she goes slower and takes her time explaining and showing us things. Although I have had a lot of them it is still hard to know what I am looking at sometimes. She also takes time at the beginning of them to get a face picture in 3D. Jacie was not cooperating very well, she tried and tried and the one we finally got wasn't the best. It is pretty blurry, but we can still see her profile. The problem with the 3D pictures is they can look pretty distorted, but we'll be back to see her in 2 weeks so maybe we can get one then.
We also set up the rest of my appointments with her, it is crazy to think that we only have 1 more month left of appointments. My last one will be on June 10!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Belly "dance"

For about 2 weeks I have been trying to capture Jacie's craziness inside my belly, yet every time I grab the camera she stops. Last night, I decided to try again and this time she put on an awesome performance!! Check it out below=)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Back in March I remember a conversation I had with Ben. We were talking about when April is over and it becomes May, that the month will fly by because it is going to be filled with so many things. So needless to say in my current state I want May to be over fast!! I am really disappointed in all the things I will be missing out on this month.

The list is:
Family/friend baby shower
Mother's Day
Kindergarten program
My birthday
Hospital tour
School baby shower
Ben's work baby shower
The last month of school

... and that is not including what I had to miss out in April :/

I know I shouldn't complain but it's not how I wanted this month to be!!!

On another note...I can't believe I have already been out of work for 5 weeks. I haven't been in my classroom for 5 weeks, I haven't seen my kids in 5 weeks!! I am hoping I can make it up to the school sometime during the last week for a short "goodbye" visit. It's like I am on a super extended summer vacation but school is still going on without me.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

32 weeks= 8 months!!

It just seems like all those countdown tickers are just going too fast!! When it hit 99 days I thought that was amazing, BUT now there are 56 days until her due date, but REALLY only 42 days until she is born. It just blows my mind. Thats right, 42 days....her birthday will be June 15! I will be going in the night of the 14th to get things going and then she should make her arrival the day after.

How do I feel at 8 months pregnant you ask? I actually feel pretty good. I am having A LOT of growing pains. Sleep? What is that? I wake up at random times all throughout the night and stay awake for hours and hours. I really don't see that improving in the near future so I guess my body is preparing me...thanks...

Bed rest is still BLAH!! I am soooo ready to be able to leave the house and do what I need to do. Jacie better be ready for many adventures this summer since I will be able to get out and about!!!!

Other than that, doctor appointments are still going great. I have 3 more weekly appointments and when I hit 36 weeks, I will start 2 times a week, but for only 2 weeks and then she will be here at 38 weeks!! I can't wait!