Tuesday, May 4, 2010

32 weeks= 8 months!!

It just seems like all those countdown tickers are just going too fast!! When it hit 99 days I thought that was amazing, BUT now there are 56 days until her due date, but REALLY only 42 days until she is born. It just blows my mind. Thats right, 42 days....her birthday will be June 15! I will be going in the night of the 14th to get things going and then she should make her arrival the day after.

How do I feel at 8 months pregnant you ask? I actually feel pretty good. I am having A LOT of growing pains. Sleep? What is that? I wake up at random times all throughout the night and stay awake for hours and hours. I really don't see that improving in the near future so I guess my body is preparing me...thanks...

Bed rest is still BLAH!! I am soooo ready to be able to leave the house and do what I need to do. Jacie better be ready for many adventures this summer since I will be able to get out and about!!!!

Other than that, doctor appointments are still going great. I have 3 more weekly appointments and when I hit 36 weeks, I will start 2 times a week, but for only 2 weeks and then she will be here at 38 weeks!! I can't wait!

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