Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 months!

Well another month has come and go and now we are down to the final 2 months before the big O-N-E!

This month the main things she has learned is speed crawling, pulling up on her feet and cruising along everything and anything!! She is even brave enough to transfer herself from 1 object to another if they are close together (ex... coffee table to couch) She however is not brave enough to cruise with only 1 hand and walk forward. She will walk forward when we hold her hands but she HAS to have both hands or she will try to sit.

She is eating big people food now and getting very good at bringing food into her mouth. At dinner sometimes she likes to be Ms. Independent and will only want to feed herself! Sometimes I can still get away with helping her out. She also eats some big girl food for breakfast too but still on puree for lunch.

She still refuses to have anything to do with a sippy cup!

She has enough hair for me to do pig tail and a pony tail now!

She now has 2 bottom teeth!

One of our favorite thing to play is patty cake. She now will grab my hands and clap them for me as soon as I start singing it. It's way too cute! and she won't start clapping until I get to part "throw it in the pan" She does it every time. She also loves to play This little piggy. That can get her laughing out loud big time!!!

Let the party planning begin =)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

All done

That is the 1 and only sign I have been focusing on for about 1-2 months now and this morning she did it!! At first I wasn't sure what she was doing...I thought she was doing "so big" but then I would try to give her food and she would turn her head and do it again. Then I realized what she was doing and did it back to her and she copied me again. Now on to another sign.

This summer I want to take a class from Baby Signs Institute. I met a lady who is putting it on starting in May, but I won't be able to do that one since I will still have 3 weeks left of school. She said once that one fills up they will open another one which will hopefully be dates I can do.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

In a little over a month

J has started crawling, pulling up to her feet, cruising along the furniture and now has 2 teeth!!!!! Can we please slow down. That is just too many big girl things in such a short amount of time. Where did my baby go???How is it possible we are going to have to toddler in only 2 1/2 months?????

Sunday, March 13, 2011

better start eating my veggies

1 thing I dont want Jacie to get from me is my pickiness of food. I dont know how I became so picky but I am and honestly I hate it. Over the past few years I have been branching out and trying new things though, so I just gotta keep that going.
This past week Jacie has been eating only big people food for her BRAT diet and in the beginning the poor girl was not eating much of anything. She would not even eat a banana!!! I thought that was so strange. So 1 day last week I was sitting on the couch eating a banana and J spotted me from across the room. She crawled on over and pulled herself up on the couch. I said " You dont like bananas remember" She started reaching for it so I put it down and she opened her mouth and sure enough she ate some and liked it!! She ate almost 1/2 of it with me and every day since then she has had a banana. Last night she ate toast and loved it!! She ate a whole piece.

It just shows me that even a 9 month old is observing what I eat or not eat!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

1st tooth

As of last Wednesday (3/9) J started cutting her 1st tooth with the 2nd not far behind. We have definitely had an interesting week because of it. Mon and Tues were the worst and now we are back to having a normal happy girl again.

She has also been dealing with diarrhea and have been only eating BRAT diet foods for 5 days now. Slowly but surely she is going back to normal but she is not quite there yet. We tried to get her in to see the doctor twice this week and both times they didn't call us back until close to closing time so they weren't able to see her. Wednesday they told us to head up to an urgent care because they were worried about her getting too dehydrated since we were already on day 6 of it. I knew she wasn't because she has been eating/drinking great. So the urgent care didn't really know what it could be so they ran a few tests just to rule out anything major. They did a strep test, took some blood and even did an x-ray on her stomach. All came back just great and told us to continue what we are doing. Thankfully she is getting better!!

Little Spring thing

Here are a few of my favs from her shoot last weekend!!! Thanks to Ktphotography.

Spring break is HERE!!! I am so excited to spend time with my baby! We have many things planned. We have some play dates set up, a few shopping trips here and there, and then ending it with her first trip to the zoo!! 9 more weeks until Summer!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend recap

I just love weekends more than ever now that Jacie is around. I honestly don't want to leave her on the weekends to go out alone or anything. I am soooooo content to stay at home and be with my baby girl. I know people probably think its crazy that we haven't been out without her since July but I am okay with that. With only spending about 1-2 hours with her a night on weekdays then I think it make complete sense. here is our latest weekend recap.

On Saturday we spent our day just hanging around the house and then ending it with a trip to Costco. We needed some more wipes, formula and I wanted to grab a few more Hanna Andersson pajamas. I love these pj's because she doesn't seem to grow out of them so fast like she does her other ones. The current size she wears in them is 9-18 months. They are so stretchy and I know will last a while. If you dont already know Costco always has Carter and other popular clothes for much less than other stores. For example the pj's are 25 bucks online but only 10 bucks at Costco.

Saturday night as I was sitting on facebook our photographer KTphotography (and yes that is J on her webpage) posted she just had 2 openings for her Spring shoot for Sunday. I wanted to get some pictures done now so I jumped to it. Now I wasn't prepared and didn't have an outfit picked out. I told her this and she helped out with bringing some of her own daughters older springy clothes. Jacie was being a pretty smiley girl so I am really looking forward to getting them.

We then ended Sunday with a trip to Target because I wanted to get some Stage 3 foods for her. She has loved every Gerber food she has had and since she is now a crawler she can switch, plus I was out of stage 2 dinners. Tonight she had spaghetti and gagged and acted like she was going to barf so I switched to Chicken noodle which she processed to do the same..... Soooooo.... it didn't go as planned. is a peek of J's outfit from her photo shoot today. I posted 1 on face book but it wasn't her true outfit. I was sooooo in love with the headband!! =)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby on the go...

As of last week J is officially crawling. Its like 1 week she is army crawling and rocking and over the days she continued to get better and better and now there is just no stopping her! She is pretty cute doing it too =) But with the crawling comes the explorer baby and boy is she into everything. She has all these lovely expensive toys in her "play area" but who cares about those when she gots places to go and other things such as scraps of paper, leaves, dead grass and cords to play with..........hmmmmmmm. Thankfully we have been very careful but honestly she can find things before we can sometimes. We've done some baby proofing on the obvious things and things she is able to get into now. My Spring break project will be baby proofing the kitchen and her bathroom and finding new higher homes for all those lovely cleaning supplies.

I have also started to use "No" with her and it seems to be working. Before she became this mobile I really didn't need to use it but yesterday was the first real day I did it and it caused a reaction and she seemed to listen. Sophies food/water is in our kitchen and she has started to want to find out what it is. Yesterday I watched her crawl to the food bowl and when she got close enough I firmly said NO and picked her up and moved her away. She started crying and was upset while I had her up but as soon as I put her down with her toys she stopped and at first I thought she was going to head right back there because she started to crawl off again but never went back. Now...we have ended up taking the food out of the kitchen but we have left the water. If she does ever happen to get herself over there I would much rather her just play in a water bowl than stuff dog food in her mouth.

Here is a short video of her in action =)

Here are the few baby proofing things we have done.
corner cushions and sticky "locks" for the drawers

Socket covers

Our dog gates in place already work for baby gates =)