Saturday, March 12, 2011

1st tooth

As of last Wednesday (3/9) J started cutting her 1st tooth with the 2nd not far behind. We have definitely had an interesting week because of it. Mon and Tues were the worst and now we are back to having a normal happy girl again.

She has also been dealing with diarrhea and have been only eating BRAT diet foods for 5 days now. Slowly but surely she is going back to normal but she is not quite there yet. We tried to get her in to see the doctor twice this week and both times they didn't call us back until close to closing time so they weren't able to see her. Wednesday they told us to head up to an urgent care because they were worried about her getting too dehydrated since we were already on day 6 of it. I knew she wasn't because she has been eating/drinking great. So the urgent care didn't really know what it could be so they ran a few tests just to rule out anything major. They did a strep test, took some blood and even did an x-ray on her stomach. All came back just great and told us to continue what we are doing. Thankfully she is getting better!!

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