Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend recap

I just love weekends more than ever now that Jacie is around. I honestly don't want to leave her on the weekends to go out alone or anything. I am soooooo content to stay at home and be with my baby girl. I know people probably think its crazy that we haven't been out without her since July but I am okay with that. With only spending about 1-2 hours with her a night on weekdays then I think it make complete sense. here is our latest weekend recap.

On Saturday we spent our day just hanging around the house and then ending it with a trip to Costco. We needed some more wipes, formula and I wanted to grab a few more Hanna Andersson pajamas. I love these pj's because she doesn't seem to grow out of them so fast like she does her other ones. The current size she wears in them is 9-18 months. They are so stretchy and I know will last a while. If you dont already know Costco always has Carter and other popular clothes for much less than other stores. For example the pj's are 25 bucks online but only 10 bucks at Costco.

Saturday night as I was sitting on facebook our photographer KTphotography (and yes that is J on her webpage) posted she just had 2 openings for her Spring shoot for Sunday. I wanted to get some pictures done now so I jumped to it. Now I wasn't prepared and didn't have an outfit picked out. I told her this and she helped out with bringing some of her own daughters older springy clothes. Jacie was being a pretty smiley girl so I am really looking forward to getting them.

We then ended Sunday with a trip to Target because I wanted to get some Stage 3 foods for her. She has loved every Gerber food she has had and since she is now a crawler she can switch, plus I was out of stage 2 dinners. Tonight she had spaghetti and gagged and acted like she was going to barf so I switched to Chicken noodle which she processed to do the same..... Soooooo.... it didn't go as planned. is a peek of J's outfit from her photo shoot today. I posted 1 on face book but it wasn't her true outfit. I was sooooo in love with the headband!! =)


  1. LOOOOOVVVVVEEEE that headband! The bigger the bow...The better the mommy lol!

  2. of my friends just got a shirt that said that for her baby!!! I love big bows too but don't like the big price tags that go with them.

  3. Woo-hoo for more pictures =) Love the new headband!