Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby on the go...

As of last week J is officially crawling. Its like 1 week she is army crawling and rocking and over the days she continued to get better and better and now there is just no stopping her! She is pretty cute doing it too =) But with the crawling comes the explorer baby and boy is she into everything. She has all these lovely expensive toys in her "play area" but who cares about those when she gots places to go and other things such as scraps of paper, leaves, dead grass and cords to play with..........hmmmmmmm. Thankfully we have been very careful but honestly she can find things before we can sometimes. We've done some baby proofing on the obvious things and things she is able to get into now. My Spring break project will be baby proofing the kitchen and her bathroom and finding new higher homes for all those lovely cleaning supplies.

I have also started to use "No" with her and it seems to be working. Before she became this mobile I really didn't need to use it but yesterday was the first real day I did it and it caused a reaction and she seemed to listen. Sophies food/water is in our kitchen and she has started to want to find out what it is. Yesterday I watched her crawl to the food bowl and when she got close enough I firmly said NO and picked her up and moved her away. She started crying and was upset while I had her up but as soon as I put her down with her toys she stopped and at first I thought she was going to head right back there because she started to crawl off again but never went back. Now...we have ended up taking the food out of the kitchen but we have left the water. If she does ever happen to get herself over there I would much rather her just play in a water bowl than stuff dog food in her mouth.

Here is a short video of her in action =)

Here are the few baby proofing things we have done.
corner cushions and sticky "locks" for the drawers

Socket covers

Our dog gates in place already work for baby gates =)


  1. Thanks so much for posting about your baby proofing! It looks like you have the place locked down nicely =) The video of J crawling is so, so adorable. I can see your point about staying away from the dog food *ewww*

  2. HAHA! I know!! I was glad she never got a taste. We haven't done much but for now we it pretty good!