Monday, February 28, 2011

What is Jacie doing at 9 months?

weighs 18lbs 3oz. (>50%)
27.5 inches long (50%)
17 inch head (25%)
wearing size 3 diapers
fits best in 9 month clothes
continuing with her GREAT feeding schedule
is able to self feed herself Gerber puffs and cheerios
is officially crawling!!!!!!
can go from a crawling to sitting position very easily now
can pull herself up onto her knees and will do it anything she can grab onto to
lowered her crib this month
can clap and loves patty cake
will reach to someone if she wants to be with them
giving kisses (muah)
loves to "read" books. She will even help turn the pages
LOVES Dora the explorer and gets sooooooooo exctied when she sees her.
can "dance" to music
now says "ma ma"
has started showing her temper!!
when excited she squeals very loudly
is officially a DOC band graduate
is still an awesome sleeper
is still toothless

-In her 8th month she also got to experience her 1st real snow and got her 1st fever!

This last month has been the month that she has changed the most...thus far!

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  1. I just love reading her Jacie's updates since our little ones are only a few days apart. It sounds like she really couldn't be doing any better. So fun to see all these changes happening. Sorry she had her 1st fever this month, that's a tough first. Maybe you can post sometime what all you've done to baby proof now that she's on the move. We haven't gotten there yet...