Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 22!

Today J had her what was suppose to weekly head specialist appointment turned into her 2 week appointment. We were suppose to go last Tuesday but it was cancelled (because of the ice) and rescheduled for Friday which was then cancelled again (because of the snow). They said everything looked great and did her very last adjustment. Every week they have shaved more and more off the back of the band to help her head grow back into the open space. Well, now there is only plastic in the back...goodbye foam! She has only 2 more weeks to go and then she will be a graduate. She will get another set of pictures to compare for a 3rd time and the 3D image scan done to compare from what her head was shaped like before we started the process. I am very excited to be done with this. Although I am very glad we did it I just want my babies head back!!
The back of her band is see through now!

This was taken last friday so she was about 6.5 weeks into the band


  1. Happy to hear she's doing so great with the band! I bet you can't wait for her to be free of it, hope the next two weeks fly by =)