Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Couldn't help myself

Yes yes I know it is like a ice rink outside but who could refuse these cute Spring/Summer items?? It is silly that I am excited for Jacie to start wearing shoes?? She has been in only socks for so long! I also know she will look adorable sportin' those sunglasses around this Summer. Being stuck at home for the last 2 days has meant more time to online shop =)


  1. So cute! She's going to be so stylish in her new shoes and sunglasses =)

  2. My daughter had those top shoes last summer. I loved them! I wish I would have gotten a few size bigger for this year since Stride Rite no longer makes them...for now that is.

  3. Try in the sale section. I think they might have been running low on them but they might have others you like. =)