Sunday, August 28, 2011

15 months old

I never knew how much fun a 15 month old could be!!! I love every second we are together. She is so full of life and does something cute about every minute. I am consistency going "did you see her just do that" "ahh that was so cute" "she did _____ today and it was adorable" It is so crazy to continue to see her learn daily. She is just growing into a great little girl that is loved by many!!

  • 20.8 lbs (10-25%)
  • 29 inches (10-25%)- We have a petite little girl =)
  • 45cm head circumference (25%)
  • walking MUCH faster!
  • Can walk backwards
  • Can walk in circles
  • She loves to be chased around. She will squeal so loud when we run after her.
  • Can follow multi- steps.
  • Is able to use a spoon and fork correct now and loves to use them when she can.
  • Enjoys dipping food into ketchup, didn't like ranch or bbq
  • Is a good sharer! Loves to share her sippy cups with her babies, stuffed animals, our real animals and her mama and dada and whenever she shares she always makes the smacking sound.
  • Say "vmmmmmm" when she is playing with her car or train.
  • Hugs on our legs when we are standing and always does the "mmmmmmmm" sound and squeezes.
  • If we put our arms out and get down to her level and say "give me a hug" she will walk really fast and open up her arms and give us a great big hug!!
  • Still loves balls and babies best of all out of all her toys.
  • She loves to "cook" with a bowl and spoon and feed herself and everyone/everything around her and say "yumyumyumyum"
  • Holds all her toy phones up to her ears
  • Will walk backwards and sit in our lap when we are on the floor with her.
  • Will put things back where she got them
  • Is still really good at giving us objects that she finds that she is not suppose to have even if we don't see her get it she brings it to us anyways.
  • Her bangs have grown so much this summer they cover her eyes, but we are not cutting it yet so she wears it up most days or we try to keep it to the sides. Clips do not work because she will rip them out.
  • She now claps her hands as soon as she hears "When you're happy and you know it"
  • Wants all doors closed all the time. Whenever she sees one open she has to go close it
  • Is pretty much into anything and everything she can find
  • Worked on her puzzles for the 1st time this month and actually got the concept. She will take them out and put them back and even sometimes get the pieces in the right spot on her own.
  • If she is looking for something or we ask her to find something that she can't find she does the "I don't know" hands/arm.
  • She put her finger to her lip and goes "hhhhhhhhh" for "shhhhhh"
  • Has always loved books but this month has REALLY loved books. She is always bringing them to us and wants us to read to her and she is even "reading" with us if she sees something she knows.
  • Got tooth #8
  • Has adjusted very well to mommy going to back to work!
1 year ago picture difference =)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Waking up & Going to bed

In the morning she wakes up happy and playing (like usual). I go in to get her. She hands me her baby doll which I give a good morning kiss to, she then stands up and gives me a good morning kiss too!! I take her out and put her on the ground. She knows to walk over to her changing mat, she climbs up on it. I pull her down to the end and she lays down. She gets her diaper changed then its time to breakfast!

At night all we have to say is "it's night night time" She then walks into her bedroom and over to her rocker. I pick her up and rock her while she drinks her sippy cup of milk. We read some stories. She then will sign "all done" We get up, get night night kisses. I hand her her baby doll and lay her down. She then rolls over and falls asleep snuggling her baby =)

Monday, August 1, 2011