Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Waking up & Going to bed

In the morning she wakes up happy and playing (like usual). I go in to get her. She hands me her baby doll which I give a good morning kiss to, she then stands up and gives me a good morning kiss too!! I take her out and put her on the ground. She knows to walk over to her changing mat, she climbs up on it. I pull her down to the end and she lays down. She gets her diaper changed then its time to breakfast!

At night all we have to say is "it's night night time" She then walks into her bedroom and over to her rocker. I pick her up and rock her while she drinks her sippy cup of milk. We read some stories. She then will sign "all done" We get up, get night night kisses. I hand her her baby doll and lay her down. She then rolls over and falls asleep snuggling her baby =)

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