Monday, November 28, 2011

We have a 1 1/2 year old!!

Well it happened!! As much as I tried.... I just can't stop her from becoming a little girl!! Now she is officially closer to 2 than 1.

She weighs 21lbs 12oz and is 30.5 inches long (falling in the 10-25% percentile)

We started watching Baby Signing Time last month and she is really starting to sign SOOOOOOOOO MUCH more and learning so fast! All of her signs consist of: baby, time, drink, hat, please, thank you, I'm sorry, eat, milk, cracker, cereal, banana, dog, cat, shoes, socks, wash hands, bath, brush teeth, car, plane, boat, train, owwie (she learned this one after her shot), diaper, more (already knew),and all done (already knew). She is also starting to use 2 at a time, like "more please" "drink please"

Her new words this month are: bye bye, cheese "essssss", eyes, nose, mouth, baby, plane, bee, Boots"booooo"( as in Dora's friend monkey), me (points to self) and night night "ni ni"

Added to her list of animal sounds are donkey and chicken.

She can now change her "dance moves" up. She can wiggle, shake, and bounce

Ring around the rosy is a new favorite game although it needs to be played with lots of room around her ;)

She tries to do "head shoulders knees and toes" but she is too slow =)

She can FINALLY shake her head "yes" She is saying only "no" but at least now we can get both answers! It really looks like she shakes her whole upper body when she does it! It is pretty funny to watch.

Since she can say "no" whenever Sophie our dog gets one of Jacie's toys she chases after her and say "no no"

She can now point to her knees, back, and fingers

She can identify the shapes: circle, square, triangle, oval, star

Eats almost every meal with utensils now. She is doing great with them but depending on what we are eating she might need a little bit of help getting the food.

She has become more snugly! She will sit in our lap and let us hold her for long periods of time =)

She got 2 of her bottom molars , so the total is up to 12... I didn't realize the 2 on top she got a few months ago were also molars until i just looked up a baby teeth chart =) Teething has honestly never been an issue with her so I never know when she pops a new one.

She can blow her nose and it has really helped this month since she got a cold twice.

She celebrated her 2nd Halloween dressed as a kitty cat.
She celebrated her 2nd Thanksgiving!! Too bad she wasn't a fan of the food but did love the pumpkin pie

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Week overview

Let me start by saying I was soooooooo looking forward to this break! This school year has not been kind so this was MUCH needed!! I go back and then in 3 weeks I get another one!!! That makes me very happy =)

Saturday- November 19: Did some errands and cleaned house... nothing too exciting :/

Sunday- November 20: Got to celebrate baby Elizabeths 1st birthday!!

Monday- November 21: Spent the morning at Chuck E. Cheese with my friend and her 2 year old twins! Then we went on a hair accessory and leggings hunt for pictures this weekend. I was 1/2 successful. Oh and momma's 1st day home with her totally messed up her perfect schedule so it made afternoon a little "grumpy" with a 4pm nap!! UGH

Tuesday- November 22: Back on normal schedule ;) Spent the morning at a few stores. We went to Ladybugs to continue our search for some hair things and found 2 super cute headbands!!! SCORE! Then we went to the grocery store so mama could get ingredients for her Thanksgiving creation. Then after nap time we went to Old Navy to use my cash bucks, and to DSW to find momma some boots!!! For dinner I went out with some co-workers/ good friends to celebrate a birthday :)

Wednesday- November 23: Jacie had her 18 month appointment in the morning. She is doing great and everything was good. She only had to get 1 shot but yet Jacie HATES being made to lay down or sit down on any surface in the doctor office so the tears start coming as soon as I put her down to undress her to get her weight checked. In the afternoon my mom came over to play and we checked out the new Marketplace Kroger in my neighborhood and I got some Moon Pop (a very tasty bread/cracker blend they prepare in store and bag up) Jacie loves that stuff!! I love it because it is not messy at all =)

Thursday- November 24: Full day of Thanksgiving festivities with both families... Good thing we could fit a nap in between them ;)

Friday- FAMILY DAY! We decorated for Christmas, watched Mickey Christmas Carol and I ordered some customized stockings for us on Etsy!! Our little Christmas tree looks pretty empty this year but it only has non-breakable ornaments. Glass ornaments around a toddler is probably asking for trouble so we aren't going to even deal with it! She is already wanting to touch everything we already have out.

So sad this week is over!!! I love spending every second possible with my girl!

On Sunday we have Jacie's Christmas and 18 month pictures with KT Photography =) I can't wait!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


So many things to be thankful for including this little one...