Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 months!

Well another month has come and go and now we are down to the final 2 months before the big O-N-E!

This month the main things she has learned is speed crawling, pulling up on her feet and cruising along everything and anything!! She is even brave enough to transfer herself from 1 object to another if they are close together (ex... coffee table to couch) She however is not brave enough to cruise with only 1 hand and walk forward. She will walk forward when we hold her hands but she HAS to have both hands or she will try to sit.

She is eating big people food now and getting very good at bringing food into her mouth. At dinner sometimes she likes to be Ms. Independent and will only want to feed herself! Sometimes I can still get away with helping her out. She also eats some big girl food for breakfast too but still on puree for lunch.

She still refuses to have anything to do with a sippy cup!

She has enough hair for me to do pig tail and a pony tail now!

She now has 2 bottom teeth!

One of our favorite thing to play is patty cake. She now will grab my hands and clap them for me as soon as I start singing it. It's way too cute! and she won't start clapping until I get to part "throw it in the pan" She does it every time. She also loves to play This little piggy. That can get her laughing out loud big time!!!

Let the party planning begin =)

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  1. She just keeps looking more adorable every single day =) Sounds like she is keeping you busy. So cute that she is playing patty cake!