Thursday, May 31, 2012

How we spent her 2nd birthday

It all started with her waking up to me and her daddy singing Happy Birthday to her and seeing lots of pink balloons all on her floor!!

We started with breakfast at Chick-fil-a and then headed to the SeaLife Aquarium. She did have a good time looking at all the fish and sea creatures.

We headed over to Build a Bear so she could get her very first one. It was a tough choice. Her and dada first walked down the aisle to see all the animals and the 2nd time around she picked the cat and wouldn't let it go. She put the heart inside and watched her get stuffed. She picked out an outfit and named her "Meow Meow"

After we went to Rainforest cafe. It was my 1st time also. It was a pretty awesome place and Jacie did love it! The animals go off and move around at different times. It gets really loud when they do. I thought she might get scared but she didn't at all, but she did tell them "too loud!"

We came home afterward and we were already running behind on nap. She closed her eyes right when we got into the garage. When I went to put her in bed she popped right up and never went back to bed!! It was a no nap birthday!!!

We decided that since she wasn't going to nap to go do some more birthday shopping!! We headed to Toys-r-us!!!

We got home, played with her new toys for a while and she went to bed snuggling her new kitty "Meow Meow"
It was an amazing day!!!


  1. Sounds fantastic =) That last picture of her hugging meow-meow says it all *LOL*

  2. Aww, looks like you guys had a great day!!! I love the "TWO" photo on the top of your blog!