Monday, May 28, 2012

24 months= 2 years old!

WOW!!!!! It has happened!! Jacie is officially 2 years old!

Started enjoying Max and Ruby and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Seriously the most polite 2 year old! She is always saying "thank you" and has been saying "no thank you", she always says "please" and now says "welcome" If she burps she says "excuse me" and says "sorry" We get lots of compliments on her manners!

She can undress herself! Crazy to watch her do it! She is so big!

Loves her hippo pool! Can't wait to get her into a  real pool this summer! She will be taking swimming lesson once a week this summer!

She will also be doing a Kindermusik class because she loves to dance and sing.

Her vocabulary has exploded!! The words she knows and what she says amaze me daily.

She likes to play cowboy. She takes her hat off and says "yeee haw"

Still loves to count and can name almost all the colors

We have a big day planned with her!! More on that later =)

Happy Birthday Big Girl!!!

Summer time is right around the corner!! I can't wait to spend all my days with her!!

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