Friday, March 2, 2012

21 months!

Well she is officially doing way too much and it is making it very hard to keep up with!! But here are a a few things that Jacie has been doing this last month.

She is talking up a storm, saying up to 4 word phases, now labeling us when she speaks such as "thank you mama, please dada, bye mama, and my favorite "I love you mama" melts my heart every time I hear it!

One of her newest worsd is "stuck" She says it when she can't do something on her own or get something. She says either the toy is stuck or she is stuck.

Her latest thing is "yelling" our names when she is looking for us around the house, she also yells for her baby when she can't find her (too bad the baby can't respond)

She is loving pretend play more and more. She has loved pretend play for awhile but the love keeps growing. She really started playing with her little people house more and pretends the mama, dada, and baby eat around the table, that they go potty, take baths, sleep and cook in the kitchen.

She has had a few tantrums this month but not anymore than I can count on 1 hand.

Still working on the colors. She is able to identify a few of them and say a few colors but not too many. She has blue down!

She is counting to 3

Whenever she points to letters she just says random letters but this week the "ABC" song came on TV and she said "ABCs!"

Well another month is gone and only 3 more to go until she is 2!!

On a side note, only 1 more of school until Spring Break!!! =)

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  1. This age is SO great =) Our LO uses stuck too, for when the seat belt captures her. They are too cute.