Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer time

Summer is really truly coming an end!! I still can't believe it.. that this is my last week. This has definitely been the best summer of my life. I am go glad that I got to spend Jacies first 11 weeks with her full time and the 8 weeks I spent taking care of her in my tummy. So with that being said this will be the toughest "first day of school" ever!!

This summer we have experienced a few of Jacie's firsts. I am loving seeing her grow and change daily! It is already going by so fast.

Jacie ready to celebrate her first holiday- 4th of July

First time visiting Roxton to meet her great papa

One of her first smiles I got to capture. Now she is a smiling and laughing fool!! I love it =)

First time in the pool

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