Friday, August 13, 2010

Advice taken- sleep pt. 2

Back story- decided to move Jacie's bed time up to 8 from 11 and started her in her crib. First 2 days were bad but got better by the 3rd. Now..... we lay her down at 8 and she is asleep within minutes =) Best decision ever!!!!!!

Problem- started waking up at 3am for a feeding!!!!!

Solution- Feed her 1 more time at 10:30-11 (advice taken from my new principal) and she now sleeps until 6!!!! I was worried about the getting her up thinking she would stay awake but NOPE...I am pretty sure she is eating in her sleep. She never once opens her eyes!!

If this continues I just might be able to keep MY bedtime once school starts!!! Ben can do the late feeding since he is a night owl.

Off topic.... have I mentioned how much fun Jacie is to play with now that is always smiling, laughing and cooing!!! It is the best =)


  1. She gets the smiling and laughing from her mama...the cooing? Well maybe from ben?

  2. hahaha!!! I believe she gets it from being a baby =)