Saturday, May 14, 2011

2 weeks

I say it every month but seriously this month is FLYING by. I mean she is already 11 1/2 months already?!?! Only 2 more weeks of babyhood then we have a toddler??? She is definitely starting to act more toddler-like too which is even more crazier! In this last week she has learned how to stand on her own so now she is letting go of everything just to stand. No steps yet, but I know thats coming sometime soon.

She said her first official word besides mama, and dada which was dog. She did it Thurs night for the first time. We were eating dinner and she pointed at Sophie and said "DAH" then again that night as I was putting her to bed she heard Sophie's collar outside her door and sat up and said "DAH" again. She has said it a few more times since then.

She has learned how to drink from a straw and will now use her straw sippy cups. Speaking of sippy cups she is a pro now at them. No longer refusing them like she use to but will not drink very much out of them still. We also started a little bit of whole milk this week too. She loves it and I am pretty sure we will have no problem with the big switcheroo in a few weeks.

Another thing she has learned this week which I find very entertaining is she will give me something. I use this a lot when she has something she is not suppose to have. I will hold out my hand and say "Let mama have it" and she will reach out and give it to me. This new thing is taking place of the scream fits she use to when we would take it away from her. Not saying this works every time but it sure it cute when she does it.

She also has learned the last and final part to patty cake. She can now "roll it" =) I am trying very hard to get it on video but every time I pull out the camera she doesn't want to do it anymore. She looks so cute rolling her arms though.

She is also acting like a big girl because she has figured out to get herself off the couch all by herself. She can do it on her tummy and on her back. She prefers doing it on her tummy though. She will just scoot herself off and land on her feet. She is getting brave!

Well we are officially down to only 13 days before the party! Gotta really get working now!

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  1. So much is changing right now! Can't wait to see that video of her playing patty cake =)