Sunday, June 5, 2011

12 months old= 1 year post!

Well, here we are. When I started this blog back in October 2009, the idea of having a 1 year old seemed SOOOOOOOO far away and yet its here! I was going to hold off until her 1 year doctor appointment but since that is not for another 2 more weeks I figured I will just write about that later on and give an official weight/height then.

Here is what is going on with our 1 year old:

-She is now in size 4 diapers.
-Fits best in 12 month clothes, but yet she can still fit in a variety of sizes.
-Pretty much eats anything and everything with a few exceptions.
-Is becoming more and more of a talker! Not really saying many words that I am aware of, but she babbles and "sings" lots now.
-Took her 1st steps on May 24. The next week would not walk at all and now as of lately she is starting to take off on her own!
-Loves toys that she can put things in and take things out of
- She knows where shoes go. She tries to put her own shoes on or if she gets ahold of mine she will bring them to me and try to put them on me.
- If she is wearing a hat or a bow WHEN she gets it off she tries to put it back.
-Loves books- I have never seen her "read" a book upside down or backwards! I find that really strange knowing that I have had 5 year olds who don't know how to hold a book the right way.
- Starting to climb up or over things.
- Has fallen way too many times!!! My least favorite part of a wobbly toddler!!!!! She wants to do things she is not able to just yet.

So summer vacation is officially here! My big plans for Jacie this summer is the big milk switch (which we have practically already done), saying byebye to bottles! and getting onto a 1 nap a day schedule (since that is what happens in daycare)

I can not wait to spend the next 70 days (give or take a few) just being with my baby!!!!!!


  1. So jealous of your summer with Jacie! Sounds like she really couldn't be doing any better =) Kylie doing many of the same things. I'm loving this age. Isn't is crazy how fast this year has gone?!?!

  2. This age is really FUN! But yes its gone by too fast!!! I can only imagine how fast this next year is going to fly by :(