Tuesday, June 28, 2011

13 month post!

She has really taken off this month. She is becoming more and more toddler like and losing the babyness (is that even a word?)

-The main thing is she is truly a walker. She practices everyday and doesn't get discouraged if she falls. She just picks herself back up and continues!
-Her vocabulary continues to grow. She is saying mama, dada, dog, meow, baa, down, uh oh, hi (while waving)
- Body parts she is able to point to are eyes, nose, mouth and toes
- She is able to imitate lots of sound we make, including the dog. She can pant and sniff like our dog.
- One of the most adorable things she does is her random laugh!!! If we are laughing or other people are laughing around her she will just laugh out loud with us/them and smile real big! Its ADORABLE!
- She got tooth #5 and 6 this month. That brings her tally to 6 total, 4 on top, 2 on bottom. No others are in sight as of now.
- She is getting to appreciate her toys much more and understanding how they work.
- Her favorite toy has got to be her kitchen. She is starting to understand imaginary play.
- She pretends to eat and drink items. She pretends to chew and then goes "ahhh" with her mouth wide open.
- She loves her baby doll! She can feed her baby its bottle, give it food from a spoon, hug, kiss and burp it.
- Loves taking things out of any box or basket and sometimes enjoys putting them back.
- She only takes 1 bottle a day which is her last bottle. Rest of the day is sippy cups.
- She started practicing using a spoon/fork. She understands the concept of it but has a hard time getting food on it but when she does she takes it to her mouth.
- Comprehends more and more of what we say or ask her every day. She can "respond" to our questions and understand us. She is able to bring me back things if I ask for them or point.

She is growing into a little lady =)

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