Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Felt mat

My mind has been all over the place for things I want to create for Jacie! I love being crafty and with it being Summer time I HAVE TIME!!!! YAY!!!!!!

So far I am down to 2 crafts but have many more planned including a new one which I won't yell ya quite yet ;)

The 1st one is a Finding Nemo memory game using stickers and foam squares.

I was on a search for something to use with her cars. I found some ideas on pinterest and knew I could create something very similar. I am in love with her felt mat! She enjoys it but I know as she grows her love for it with grow too! I just started a 1/2 a yard of black felt and the 4 sections are the size of the individual pieces you can buy that are about the size of paper. I hand cut all the pieces and laid them out then hot glued everything down. Once I was done with the sections I glued all the yellow pieces to the road create the streets. I borrowed some printer fabric from my mom, made a word document of all the images and words I wanted and hot glued those as well!

The blur on the house is our address.

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