Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carousel the 2nd time around

The 1st time we tried to ride a carousel I just knew she was going to love it! WRONG! I was so wrong! She freaked out as soon as it started moving and I ended up just holding her the whole time. That was back in October when she was almost 17 months old at the zoo!

Today we were at the mall doing a bit of shopping at the Gap and I wanted to try again. As soon as she saw it she started clapping and saying "YAY" so I knew she was excited! We picked out a horse and got her all strapped in tight. So far so good!! She wanted dadda to sit on the horse next to her too. The ride started and so did her smiling! She loved it!! She held on tight and did such a good job. The ride ended and she started bawling because she didn't want to get off! She wanted to ride the tiger. We will definitely be doing this more!

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