Friday, July 6, 2012

Fourth of July

Our 4th of July celebration started on July 3rd. When Ben got home from work we went out to eat at Taco Cabana then spent the next few hours keeping the little one awake! We took a stroll around the neighborhood, then went to get a snow cone and to pick our spot for the fireworks. We have lived in our house for 4 years but only have gone to see them 1 of those years. The spot wasn't good so we choose another one and that one turned out not so good either. We left early because Jacie started saying "bye bye fireworks, go home please!" over and over. We were too far away and being it was going on 2 hours past bed time she lost interest fast! She did enjoy a few minutes though.
How to entertain a 2 year when the fireworks are too far away and its 2 hours past bedtime!
We were waiting for the fireworks to start

The next morning we all slept in until 10am!! We went to lunch at Red Lobster with Ben's family. Jacie wanted to look at the lobsters over and over and kept asking to go see them while we were suppose to be eating. She kept asking the lobsters "you bite me?" while sticking her finger out.... not sure where she got that one from...

After nap we headed to my parents house. Jacie loves to hang out with her cousins. Her older cousin is just in love with Jacie and is so sweet with her. We are at a point where they can play all by themselves in the other room because I know her cousins are watching out for her. We went in the pool and my dad cooked out.

It was a really good day and its hard to believe it was Jacie's 3rd fourth of July to celebrate! As you can see Jacie loves getting her pictures taken now. Here is her funny face when her mamaw told her to smile! 

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