Friday, July 6, 2012

Letters A, B, C

I got this idea on another blog I follow. She does some awesome things with her kids. She has twin 2 1/2 year old and is also a kindergarten teacher!! So she totally influenced me to do the same with Jacie. We are tweaking it a bit considering it is already July and I go back next month. But I know over the next few weeks we will get all 26 letters in! Of course this is just a fun exposure of the letters. We will focus on 1 letter a day (give or take) and spread it out throughout our day the best we can. I am only 3 days in but I know some day will be more filled than others... will have to get creative with some of the later letters (q?v?x?)
dot to dot letter A, handprint alligator, watched baby animals, eat an apple, and went to see the animals at Petco. We also watched Alice in Wonderland for the 1st time.

Brown bear activities, dot to dot letter B, footprint butterfly, and bubbles! 

Dot to dot letter C, handprint caterpillar, color matching, playing cars and of course her favorite COOKIES! 

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