Saturday, July 21, 2012

J, K, L

On J day we started with a jewel craft using scrapbook stickers on a pieces of construction paper. I made a big J and printed out pictures of Jacie and let her glue them anywhere on the J. I also used stickers to put her name on the top. We did handprint jellyfish and made jello which she enjoyed after dinner.

K & L day we mixed together over 3 days! We had a few big things over those days so we didn't have much time at home but what we did happened to fit just perfectly!!  
Wednesday morning, we went to Kindermusik for the 1st time. Last week was when the 5 week program started but since she broke out with that rash we did to miss it.
 Thursday, we met baby Korbin. He is my friend's baby who I have known since 7th grade. She also has twin 2 year olds so Jacie played with them for 3 hours! He is almost a month old now! We made the tin foil key later that afternoon.
Friday, we did the koala bear and "flew" her plastic bag kite.

We spent all afternoon/evening at Lego Land on Wednesday with my family!! It is a pretty cool place and we had lots of fun. Thursday we made the ladybug and on Friday we did the lion handprint.

It has been a busy few days. This week we have daddy home on his week vacation so we have many more fun activities planned including the museum, movies, and a safari park!!!! I am so excited! 

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