Monday, July 23, 2012

Playroom update

1 thing about me is I like changing things! I re-organize my classroom lots and I do the same to my house! Just 6 months ago we made a BIG change and changed our whole kitchen area, living room and  what was the dining room now the play room! I loved it!!! The original plan was to keep our old couch in the playroom. It is 5 years old, a little stinky and dirty and as of lately ripped so I decided it had to go which now made a whole wall available for more stuff! I love the way the room looks now. There are more ideas I have about what else I could do but for now I feel like it works.

I love this wall! I love how it is so full of her creations! I have finally filled in the frames, put up a nice quote, those tubs are full of toys and the colorful baskets hold the hand made games we have created. 

That is our front door. So when you walk in you walk right into the playroom No it is not ideal but it works! I put up those pictures on the wall. I found a jpg. of the play poster online and got it blown up at Walgreens. They are the playroom rules! I put clothesline up for all the handprint/footprint alphabet pieces we have made this summer. When we are done it will be full of them. I plan on keeping them up all year until we do something different next summer! 

The window is in the front of our house. This use to be where all her Little People things went but I found them a new home. Now only the Dora house lives there and the lego table and blocks. 

This is our family picture wall. I have picked a few from each session we had made with our photographer and put them up. I haven't updated since 12 months though. Her art easel is in the corner and art table next. I plan on going to IKEA this summer to get some sort of storage baskets to put over the table. In the Dora tent holds her stuffed animals. She has so many already! 

This is the back wall . Next to the ball pit is the hallway to the rest of the house. Nothing fancy about this wall. Just my favorite picture of her of all time blown up and her Little People and more toy storage and the good ole' ball pit that she still loves to roll around in, plus it is storage for all those bigger balls too! The ottoman use to be in our living room but when we got our new couch which is a sectional it didn't fit so well. It has 4 pretty roomy drawers which hold more toys and since we are now couch less it makes for some seating for us.  I am thinking I want to put more things on the wall, but I haven't made up my mind up. I would also LOVE to do something like this on the wall too. I love the bookcases with the seating.  Maybe 1 day! 

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