Saturday, July 21, 2012


Jacie has a great imagination! She always has. She has been pretend playing since right after she turned 1 and got her kitchen but now it is grown so much and I love seeing her do something creative.

We were watching some Peppa Pig and she was eating moon pop (something we get at our neighborhood Kroger... its like a big rice cake but tastes sooooo much better) She got it down to a small piece and said "Look mama a kite" and she was pretending it was flying in the air! Then she said "woof woof" and made it jump on the couch like a dog and then made it into a train and was making a train noise and it slide across the couch and into her mouth! She seemed pretty proud of herself!!

Another thing I love watching is how she is now making her toys talk to each other. They will have conversations with each other about food, going to bed or waking up,  going to the zoo or farm and tell each other they love each other and give hugs and kisses. 

Random Jacie picture:
She was so happy to take a picture with Sophie. She kept putting her arm around her and saying "cheese." Sophie on the other hand was not quite sure what to think. 

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