Wednesday, July 11, 2012

D, E, F

We started the day off with donuts. She got that nice chocolate sprinkle one but barely touched it. She did eat 3 donut holes though and her first taste of strawberry milk that she has been asking for every night since! Right away we went to feed the ducks at the park. We did her dot-to-dot letter D and made her duck handprint. We played dress up, doctor and watched some Dora the Explorer. We ended our day with "dirt" She was not happy with fact that I was smashing the cookies at first and would not just give her the pudding but once she saw it all done I think she understood!

We did do E & F together on the same day because Jacie woke up with a bad rash yesterday and she was not exactly picture perfect. I have the days planned out until I go back to work and so I didn't want to be a day off. Considering E is a more difficult letter to come up with activities I think it worked out just fine. 
We started the day with some eggs and yogurt for breakfast. She played with her Rock n Roll Elmo. You can't see in her hands but she was shaking musical eggs while I was playing the guitar and singing! We did the Elmo craft. I precut the circles and she arranged them herself. I just made sure they were straight. At first I was going to do the glueing but she wanted to join in. I was plently surprised at well she did the glue stick and would put it down to put the pieces in place and not start a fit or anything. She did think Elmo needed a tongue though... We finished the morning with her elephant.

In the afternoon after "nap time," I put it like that because there was no nap time today. She seriously played in her bed for 2 hours!!! We did her crafts. We did the fish (she choose the color) and I pulled out the play dough faces. There is a girl on 1 side and a boy on the other. While doing the boy side she kept saying "Jacie make dada" =) We then played around on her fishing game which she really enjoys! I just received it last week when I cashed in my pampers gifts to grow points. I was going to hold on to it until Christmas but I wanted to get it out for F day, and I am glad i did! She played some on her frog rocker and then we pulled out the flashlights! We played with them for almost a hour!!!! She was so impressed and engaged in those flashlights. We were in the room but it had a window so it wasn't completely dark. We did go into her closet for a bit so she could see it in complete darkness but she was not really a fan of that. After random play with the flashlights, we both laid down on our backs and I started pointing the lights to different objects in her room and she would name them. She thought that was pretty cool to see her things light up. She always liked when the flashlights "danced" on the wall and ceiling. We ended our afternoon with some Finding Nemo!

Today her rash is better although it is still there. I should receive a call tomorrow from her doctor!

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