Saturday, July 21, 2012

G, H, I

We started with some grocery shopping followed by grilled chesse, goldfish, gogurt and grape juice for lunch. After nap we got crafty with mixing paint which she was very excited about. Before we started I asked her if she sees any green and she said "no, blue and yellow!" I told her to mix them together and yells out "GREEN!" We put "gum balls" on the gum ball machine and the handprint giraffe. We ended our day with glow sticks in the bathtub which is by far her favorite activity we have done!!! 

On H day we started with the happy/sad game I made for her awhile ago. She did it great the 1st time then said she wanted to do it again but then did it her own special way. We played it with everything "upside down" We read Humpty Dumpty and she (barely) colored humpty dumty and glued it on her own! We made the hippo handprint which I think is my favorite so far. After nap we visited with the horses and made the heart craft.

I day! I day was pretty simple. We made the handprint ice cream... Jacie picked the colors. We painted with ice which was cut short because she started throwing them on the ground!! We got ice cream and did her insect puzzle although don't tell Jacie they are insects because she will tell you "NO!" She will jut call them their real names. I guess animal classification is a harder concept ;) 

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